by David Perlmutter

Featured Listings: 3 From Brick&Mortar in Williamsburg

Today,  we're featuring three listings from Nathan Horne of Brick & Mortar in Brooklyn. I've never met Nathan, though we've talked a few times on the phone. He first signed up for QuantumListing earlier last week. After QuantumListing's database was hacked, he was the first one to sign up again and add back his listings. For that, I'm grateful. Based on his company bio, I'd say he's a pretty interesting fellow. He's a former civil right's attorney, author and independent real estate broker. He teaches chess, and is a former national high school soccer champion. It sounds like Nathan's got all the skills in his background needed for a successful broker in the competitive Williamsburg market.

224 North 6th Street has a 1500 SF building on it now, but is in an excellent area for condominium development in Williamsburg. There are plans for a 7-unit rental development with 5350 livable SF and 7850 gross SF. This area commands $70/SF for rent or $1500/SF for condos.


The next  listing also has potential as a development site. It houses a nice 3600 SF building only one block from the Lorimer L train. It's a great investment to buy and turn the first floor into a commercial space or to tear down and build a 7200 SF building as of right or 9500 SF with affordable housing. There are plans for 10-unit residential building plus store development. Asking $400/BSF.



The third listing is 467 Keap Street, a beautiful retail space in prime Williamsburg, only one block from the Lorimer L Train. It has almost 100' of street frontage,  with 4200 SF ground level space, as well as almost 4000 SF windowed lower level space accessible by a private elevator. Nathan says it is perfect for a gym, grocery store, bank, or practically any other large establishment, as there are over 500 apartments in these two square blocks.

For more information on these listings, give Nathan a call at 706-255-5657 or send him an email.   You can connect with Nathan on LinkedIn.
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