Expand Your Network with The Broker List

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When you start a new business, you need to expand your network. Early on, someone pointed me in the direction of The Broker List. According to the website, it is "The CRE Community's First FREE Online Platform for Finding Brokers, Deals, Services and Vendors." The Broker List and its founder, Linda Day Harrison, are among the great unsung resources in commercial real estate. There are approximately 5500 registered users on the site. It is an incredible tool to expand your network if you are looking for commercial real estate resources anywhere in the country.
Don't let the name fool you, though. The Broker List is much more than just a list of brokers. It has a panoply of resources available to its users. If you are in commercial real estate and are not a member of The Broker List, join. You don't always know  where your next deal is coming from, and it as likely coming from someone you haven't met yet as it is coming from someone you know. There is no downside to expanding your network.
And, if that's not enough of a reason to join The Broker List, consider some of the other features the site offers for free. You can post your listings and your requirements, and TBL will broadcast them to your market for free. If you are a real estate blogger, they'll syndicate your content for you. Every member of TBL gets their own RSS feed. You also get periodic digests of Haves and Wants in your market.
At the center of it all, though, is Linda. If you want to know who you should know in a particular market for a particular asset class, Linda will help, and incredibly, asks nothing in return. In her orbit, there are no competitors, only colleagues. Linda is the rare person that not only knows that the high tide lifts all boats, but also provides the full moon to make the high tide even higher. She personally vets all of the marketplace advertisers on her site, and if your company does not pass her smell test, you're not getting on. Linda and The Broker List also oversee a monthly real estate tech founders call. Each month serves up a new topic of interest and lively discussion.
One of the other neat things The Broker List has put together is The DNA of CRE Survey, which is done in conjunction with Buildout. The survey has now been done twice, and is rapidly becoming a touchstone for the industry to take a good look at itself. Infographics and raw data are generously provided for all of us to examine what makes us tick as an industry.
One of the important findings of the survey is the importance of relationships in dealmaking. As a result, last year The Broker List  andQuantumListing cooked up the first #LetsGetSocial Meet Up to coincide with ICSC RECon in Las Vegas. It was held at the Aria Sports Bar on the Sunday before RECon gets into full swing. On pretty short notice, we had about 60 attendees. In true Linda fashion, she engaged her network and expanded the hosts from just the two companies to include Buildout, RealMassive, and Julie Augustyn who was then with Office Depot and now Foundry Commercial (sorry if I've forgotten anyone!). This year, the host roster includes all of the previous participants plus The News Funnel and Michael Lagazo of SVN. We'll be convening at 5:00 pm on May 21st at the Sports Bar at Aria. It's a cash bar, but play your cards right and someone might buy you a drink! RSVP if you want a name tag by filling out THIS FORM.
And thank you to The Broker List and Linda, for all that you have done for me, QuantumListing, Perlmutter Properties and the entire commercial real estate community.