by David Perlmutter

Enough About Us, What Do You Think About Us?

We all have that acquaintance, whether it is someone we know from high school or a relative we see at family events who loves talking about themselves, never thinking to ask a question about you. And, if they do, it really is a question about themselves.


The verdict is guilty

Well, guilty as charged, at least when it comes to QuantumListing. OK. Maybe not so bad. We do, after all have the Quantum Lister series where we highlight members and have guest presenters on many of our webinars.  And, we do share all of your listings to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

TBH (ask your teenage kid if you don’t know what that means), we do love talking with our members and prospects and learning from them. We have gotten, and continue to get, lots of great ideas about features our members would like to see added to our site. Many have already been implemented, and others which are still on our road map. And, we do try to spotlight you and your listings during our Haves and Wants 2.0 online marketing sessions.


Can we talk?

However, marketing, ours included, is too often a one-sided conversation. Marketers are trying to get you to look at their product or service. The mission is to get you to see what we offer the same way we see it. That’s understandable. We spend all of our time and resources creating solutions to perceived problems and then communicating how we have solved your problem.

But have we really included you in the conversation? Even if we have, have we effectively communicated that to you in a way that you can relate to it? When I Googled the sentence, “The best marketers are the best listeners,” 857,000 results popped up. However, if you Google the word marketing, 11 billion, yes, billion, results show up. Good luck getting to the bottom of that rabbit hole! Clearly, there is a multi-billion post disconnect on this topic. What’s the solution?


That was then…

Last year, we conducted a survey, which we introduced in our blog post, Are You Experienced? (Yes, we are Jimi Hendrix fans). We got great feedback and learned that many of you did not really understand the scope of the services that were part of your membership. As a result, we made a considerable effort to rectify that. We wrote a series of blog posts about how to maximize your QuantumListing experience, we started a weekly webinar series, some of which go over our features, we started our QuantumListing Academy program, and we added a Schedule a Demo button at the top of our website.


…This is now

A year later, we thought it would be a good idea to check in with you to see how those initiatives are doing, especially since we’ve introduced an array of new features recently. So, all of that being said, enough about us, tell us what you think about us!


Please take the survey!