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11 Oct 2019
Earn Free Months By Referring Your Friends

Earn Free Months By Referring Your Friends

Let’s just say I know a guy who knows a guy... who knows another guy...Ok we get it, just get to the post!

Recently, we conducted a survey to see if the real estate community is aware of all that you can do with QuantumListing. Although many of you know about some of our features, few of you know about all of them. As a result, we decided to launch a new series for our blog, the Unsung Features of QuantumListing. 

Did you know you can refer your friends and get rewarded? This is the first of many Unsung Features that we are highlighting for our users. And if you are not a user yet - the referral program is all the more reason to join QuantumListing!


We All Grow Together

As a CRE tech startup with 6,000 listings this time last year and now heading toward 21,000 listings, we count on people like you to help us grow. The more we grow, the more views your listings get, and the more views your listings get...well, the happier everyone is. 


Get With The Program

So, we wanted to take this time to tell you about our referral program. It’s simple. Fill out the form below, and just by filling it out, we will add a month onto your premium membership. (Not sure if your membership is active? Check here). For your friends or colleagues who successfully join, you will get TWO months of membership added on for EACH referral after they’ve joined. 

Wait, you’re saying if I refer my colleague, my neighbor, and my college roommate and they all join, I will get 9 MONTHS added onto my premium membership? The answer is simple and the answer is yes. 


Fill out the form below.


Sounds too good to be true or have further questions? Contact [email protected]


by Julia Perlmutter
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