We often see users delete their listings. We hope that it is because they leased or sold them! 

However, rather than deleting a listing, we’d suggest that you archive them instead. When you archive a listing, other users can no longer see it, but it still exists in your Listings Archives folder on your Profile Page. 

Here are a few reasons why you might want to archive your listings:

1. You can take private notes in the title or body of archived listings, so you can refer to them in the future, such as if you need to follow up about getting paid or about renewals. 

2. If the listings come on the market again, all you have to do is reactivate them rather than recreate the entire listing. This will save you the time of reentering all the data in the future. 

3. You will have a record on QuantumListing of all the properties that you’ve posted on the site.

4. You can edit your archived listings to reflect updated information, such as a change in price. 

If you want some more detailed information about the Archive feature, you can check out our How It Works article about archiving listings HERE

***UPDATE*** When you go to archive or delete your listing, you will now get a pop up message asking if you are willing to add your listing to our new comparable database. You'll be asked why you are archiving or deleting the listing, the sale or lease price, and the date of the transaction. We hope you'll agree to participate in our comps program and help create a valuable resource for all of our members. Thank you.