by David Perlmutter

Do You Have to Pay for QuantumListing Part 2: Basic Is Awesome

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed the listings and features unregistered visitors to QuantumListing can access. In this post, you’ll learn about the features that are unlocked by signing up for a complimentary Basic membership.

As expected, a QuantumListing Basic member can do anything that an unregistered visitor or member that is not logged in can do. In case you missed Part 1 of this series, you can catch up by clicking HERE.

Like the old commercial says, membership has its privileges, even Basic membership.


How Do I Get Started with Basic Membership?

At the top of each page on QuantumListing, is a button marked Join. Click on that to begin the registration process. Enter your first and last name in the form, as well as your email address and phone number. You can add your website, too. Add a password. Then click on the box that says Account Type and select Basic Account. Check the box to accept the Terms and Conditions and then click the button to create your account.

After registering as a Basic Membership, you will be taken to your Profile Page. This is your home base on QuantumListing. As part of the registration process, you will have already added your phone number and email address. You can get back to your Profile Page from anywhere on the site by clicking the head and shoulders icon at the top right of each page.


Add Information to Your Profile Page

However, there is other important information that you can add that will help people find you from their favorite search engine.

The more information you add, the more content the search engines will have to index, making it more likely you will show up at the top of search engine results pages.

Information you can add includes a profile picture and logo, company name, real estate license(s), and your business-related social media links. You can also add a bio, even if it is just cutting and pasting the bio from your website.

Adding this information is straightforward, but you can look for articles in our How It Works section if you need some help. You can also click the Schedule a Demo link at the top of the page to set up a web meeting with us to help you out.


Saved Listings

Having a robust profile is just a Basic member’s point of departure. When searching our website, Basic members add listings to their Saved list. To save a listing, click the ribbon icon at the top of a listing card or on the listing detail page. By doing so, they can quickly and easily access listings they want to more closely evaluate.

These saved listings can be found on their Profile page by clicking Add Listings on the left-hand side bar menu and then clicking on Saved Listings.


Follow QuantumListing Members

Just like on your favorite social media sites, Basic QuantumListing members can follow our other members. The advantage to following other members is that you can quickly access their profile and their listings from your Profile page without having to search for them again.


Add Your Commercial Real Estate Wants

Although Basic members cannot add for sale or lease listings, they can add their wants. Adding your commercial real estate wants is fast and easy. From your Profile page, click on Post Your Wants. A sub-menu opens with two options, Wants and Saved Wants. The latter are others Wants listings that you’ve clicked the ribbon on, like how you save listings for later viewing.

To add your own Want, click on Wants and then the + sign near the top of the page. A form will open enabling you to let the world know what it is you need. There is a minimum number of mandatory fields, including Title, Asset Type, Transaction Type, Location, Square Feet and Date Needed. If you leave the Rent or Price field as 0, it shows up as Inquire when saved. There are a host of optional parameters as well.

Good use cases for Wants listings include letting others know what type of real estate you are looking for and where. Others have posted tenant requirements that they would like to let the market know about. You could try to get out of paying for a Premium membership and posting your Haves listings, but you would be doing your listing a disservice, as you would not be able to add pictures or have it show up in searches for a particular asset class or transaction type.


Create a Default Search Location

Basic members can create a default search location which they can easily access when they are signed in. Just start a search at the top of the page. Once the results are delivered, click on the pin a map (really it is just a square) icon and select Save to save that search location as your default. Then you can access the location again when you are logged in by clicking that same pin icon.


Create and Share Listing Reports

When you are signed into your account and are searching for listings on QuantumListing, you can add listings to a Listing Report. Do this by clicking the three vertical dots at the top of a listing card and selecting Add to Listing Report, or from the listing’s detail page (which you get to by clicking on the listing card), click on the + sign on the gray vertical strive below and to the right of the listing image.

To access your listing report, you have two options. Click on the red icon that will appear on the right side of the web page, or go to your Profile page, click on Info and Leads, and select Listing Report. The listing report will be viewable on your screen, and you can download or email it as well. Additionally, you can select the iFrame icon and embed the listing report on your web page or blog. The listing titles and images in the report are hyperlinked to take you back to the listing.

When you are done with your listing report, click the garbage can icon to delete it.


Take Private Notes on Listings

Another great feature available to Basic members is the ability to take private notes on any of the listings you are viewing. To do so, make sure you are on the listing detail page, and then click on the pencil icon on the gray vertical stripe below the featured image. You can then enter a note that only you will be able to see.

To access the note in the future, go to your Profile page and click on the Info and Leads menu item. The sub menu will open and then click on Notes. You’ll see the listing’s featured image and your note. If you click on the image, you’ll be taken back to the listing detail page and your note will still be visible. You can edit or delete your note from the listing detail page or from your Profile Page.


Join a Statewide Network

QuantumListing’s Basic members will get assigned to a statewide network. After you have registered, our team will assign you to a state network based. With members that have listings, it is easy for us to figure out which network in which to put you.

Assigning Basic members to networks can be trickier, because the only datapoint we usually have available is the area code of the member’s phone number. In today’s world, this is not always the most reliable indicator of where someone lives or works. If we get it wrong, or if you are interested and operate in multiple states, just ask us to add you to other networks, too.


Who Should Sign Up for Basic Membership?

There are a few different use cases for Basic Membership.

  1. You are a tenant or investor and want to utilize the features above. You do not market listings so do not need to pay to add them to QuantumListing.
  2. You are a broker or owner that wants to search for listings and save them for later viewing. You also want to be able to share listing reports with colleagues and clients.
  3. You are a broker or owner that wants to take QuantumListing for a test drive and begin to familiarize yourself with the features available before taking the plunge into Premium Membership.


How Do I Go from Basic to Premium Membership?

After you have explored Basic membership and decide you want to upgrade to a Premium membership, just go to your Profile page and click the Upgrade button, select Individual or Enterprise Membership (we will discuss those options in a subsequent blog post), and finish your transaction securely via PayPal.


Ready, Set, Go!

As you can see, there are lots of great features available to our Basic members. If you are ready to become a Basic member, click here to get started.


Still to Come

Premium members have even more features available, the most important of which are the ability to add listings and use our on-demand marketing center to get them maximum exposure. We’ll explore those features in a future post.