by David Perlmutter

Do You Have to Pay for QuantumListing? Part 1

The short answer is, it depends on what you want to do with it. Read on to learn all about what a visitor to QuantumListing can do.

There are two ways that you can interact with if you are not yet a Premium Member. The first is as a visitor, and the second is as a Basic Member. This week we’ll explore what you can do as a visitor to QuantumListing without paying or being registered. 


What Can Visitors Do?

Commercial real estate professionals, business brokers and owners want as many people as possible to see their listing until they find the right tenant or buyer. This is why QuantumListing does not require any paywall or registration to search our site. More than half of the traffic to our website is the result of people using search engines to find our members or their listings. 


Member Profile Pages

When someone searches on Google or any of the other search engines for a member and clicks on the QuantumListing result, it takes them to that member’s profile page. Once there, they can see all of your listings, your phone number, and email address. Depending on what other information you have added, they can see your company name, your profile picture, logo, your bio, and real estate license number. 

They can also click on links to your website and social media. We strongly urge that our members add as much of this information as possible so that it becomes content that search engines can index, thus making your QuantumListing profile rank higher in searches. Visitors can share your profile via email, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, too.


Listing Pages

If the visitor has searched and landed on your listing, they can see all of the details you have added. This may include pictures, floor plans, a video, asset type, trade type, square feet available, price, date available and lots more. 

They can click on a link to search Census Bureau data on your location, click on the Landchecks link to do due diligence on the location including where cell towers, pipelines, power transmission lines are in relation to the property. There is also information on nearby landfills, and brownfields. Landchecks also provides information on Opportunity Zones and applications to local zoning boards so you can have a window into nearby development.

For sale listings also have a button to our partner, StackSource. Clicking on that allows you to plug in some basic data points to see if there may be lenders interested in financing the property.

Visitors can also click on the Contact the Agent button on your listing to fill out a form with their contact information, generating a lead for you. Take note that the listing agent or owner’s QuantumListing membership must be up to date in order to receive the lead!

Visitors have access to some helpful time saving features on a listing detail page. They can see when the listing was last updated to get an idea of how fresh the listing is. If they don’t feel that the listing they are viewing  is the right one, they can click on a link just above the date of the listing update to see other listings in the area where that listing is located.

Visitors can also share your listing via email, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook with just a couple of clicks. They can download a fact sheet with all the pictures and information you have added, as well as your own flyer. If you have added a link to the listing’s page on your website, they can click on that, too.


Search Our Members, Listings and Networks

Additionally, from the top of the page, they can search our site for other listings, our members, and our statewide networks. Our search filters can help drill down to find exactly what the visitor is seeking.


Business for Sale Listings

For business for sale listings, visitors can see relevant information including the year the business was started, the asking price, cash flow, gross revenue, payroll, EBITDA, and historical revenue growth. Owners and brokers can add information about inventory, FF&E, what equipment is included and whether the real estate is leased or owned, including data associated with the real estate. 

Sellers or their agents can indicate if seller financing and training is available as well as the seller’s motivation. They can also add documents such as a non-disclosure agreement, profit and loss statement, as well as any other documents they would like to include and a video link.


But Wait, There’s More!

There are also links at the top and the bottom of our website that visitors can click. At the top, they can click on a link to our pricing page. We firmly believe that pricing should be transparent. Click on that button and you will have a clear picture of all of the different features we offer at the different levels and what you have to pay.

The next link is to our How It Works section, where we have dozens of articles to help you understand all of QuantumListing’s features.

Visitors can also read our blog. Almost every week, we add a new post. The topics range from new features on our site, the Quantum Lister series in which we profile a member (let us know if you want to be a QuantumLister), special offers, summaries of webinars, and introductions to real estate technology companies that we think are awesome. You can search the 500+ articles, by keyword or category to make it easier to find what you want.

In addition to the blog, we’ve conducted dozens of webinars over the last few years. Topics are similar to the blog articles, but also include Haves and Wants Marketing sessions and audio visual demonstrations of the features on the website.

If you click on the About Us link at the top of the page, you’ll be able to read our Founder’s Note, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, a detailed Levels and Pricing Chart, a link to the Facebook Data Deletion instructions. You can also ask our team a question there.

You will also find the popular Schedule a Demo button up at the top of the page.

At the bottom of the page, you will notice a similar menu, plus the Intercom button to start a chat with our team.


Check Back Soon

As you can see, there is a lot that a visitor can do on QuantumListing. Next week we will discuss what free Basic Members can do in addition to everything visitors can do. Basic Members get some pretty cool features that we can’t wait to tell you about!