Disrupting CRE Listings

As a 31 year veteran of the commercial real estate industry, I was not satisfied with the commercial real estate listing solution offerings available to me. My existing information services didn't allow me to be as productive as I could be when I was out of the office, canvassing and showing space.
So, I decided to create QuantumListing, a solution to all the issues my previous services did not provide. Whether I'm at the office, on the road, or at home, and whether I'm on my computer, my phone or tablet, I have access to my listings, can add new ones, and send them out to prospects.
I believe in being completely transparent about the features and pricing available to you, which you can see in the tables below. You would have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars a year to get the same features from some of the other services.
The app versions for iOS and Android are available to you at no extra cost.
We don’t yet have the volume of listings or searches as the big guys, but we are determined to get there, and help you in any way we can. For instance, we share all of our users’ listings to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
Please visit QuantumListing.com,  where you can search all of our users’ listings without registering and without having to pay. Then, register for a three month free trial. You’ll be able to add an unlimited number of listings.
You can also download our apps using the links below.
We look forward to working with you to build both of our businesses.
David Perlmutter
QuantumListing Features and Pricing