Correspondence With A New Member (Spoiler Alert!!!)

I received the following email from a prospective premium member today:

Hey David, Thanks for reaching out. I've attached the PDF for a listing I have currently. What differentiates QuantumListing from the other listing platforms out there? 

He was responding to the email contained in the "How Can We Help Each Other" post.

Here is my response to him:

Thanks for giving QuantumListing a try. Here’s a link to QuantumListing’s features: https://quantumlisting.com/about-us 

I started QuantumListing because I’ve been an agent/broker since 1986 and did not like the existing options, and wanted to create the listing service that I wanted to use. We started as an app only and then added the website. Our iOS app is out of service right now, but we’ll be fixing that in January.

So, originally, the differentiator was that you could do everything from your mobile device, including adding listings, which other services did not let you do. But the ease of use and streamlined data entry that mobile-first requires is still in our DNA. We keep adding features that make it more social and user friendly. One of the other distinguishing characteristics of QuantumListing is that we share all of our users’ listings to our social media accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+, which gives potential customers more opportunities to discover your listing, and more search engine friendliness. As millennials become an ever more important part of the real estate workforce and decision making process, social media platforms will gain more traction as a means of discovery.

Another important point of differentiation is that there is no paywall to view all of our users’ listings, so potential tenants who have no interest in joining other services will be able to find your listing. Additionally, all listings are treated equally, we don’t have platinum, gold etc where if you pay extra you get preferential treatment.

Also, individual membership is only $79.99 a year and allows you to post an unlimited number of listings. Enterprise membership is for a whole office and allows a marketing director to add, edit and delete agents and their listings with a single sign on and assign multiple agents to a single listing.

We’re adding a new Network option that will be for companies with multiple options as well as regional or statewide broker networks. 

Our plans for 2018 also include adding a “Group” feature which will enable to you to create interest groups similar to LinkedIn or Facebook groups. You can already Follow and Favorite users and listings for easy access, and see the most recent listings from those you follow, but this should take it up a notch, allowing you to communicate with your group.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to schedule a webmeeting. Here’s a link to my calendar so you can easily find a mutually convenient time: https://calendly.com/david-417/30min/12-27-2017  I hope you like QuantumListing, and if you don’t tell me why. If you encounter any bugs, please let me know. Sometimes they crop up as the unintended consequence of changes the tech team makes. 

And if you do like QuantumListing, please tell your colleagues. The more users and the more listings we have, the more useful it will be.

Have a happy new year.