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05 May 2018


QuantumListing uses Intercom to provide real time, or almost real time customer service to visitors to our website. The following is a conversation I had with a visitor. She is now a member and maybe even an evangelist for QuantumListing.

The conversation started like this:

VISITOR: How to search for listings?

28m · 


QuantumListing typically replies in a few hours.

28m · Auto reply


DAVID: If you are not signed in, click in the box that says Enter Location and click Search


DAVID: If you are signed in click on the box at the top of the page that says Enter Location, type in the town, then click on the name in the drop down box. If you don't see what you are looking for, you can click Filter and extend the radius.



Let me know if this helps. David


VISITOR: thank you however this service has no listings in Tennessee,

22m · 

DAVID: Here's a search of 50 mile radius around Nashville. 5 listings. We clearly need more users in TN! Are you a broker or owner?


VISITOR: Broker/owner of a commercial real estate firm 34 years. i will check this out. I have a lot of listing was with xceligent for many years.

18m · 

DAVID: We would be happy to help you by adding your listings for you. You get a 3 month trial to start, and then you have to opt in to stay premium. We don't collect your credit card up front.


VISITOR: how will you add them for me?

17m · 

DAVID: You would need to email your listing flyers to us or put them in DropBox and send us the link.


VISITOR: I will email the listings when I return from my appt. what address?

13m · 

DAVID: Thanks, [email protected] I look forward to getting them! How many should I expect?


VISITOR: about 28-30 and thank you David so much you have been very helpful

11m · 

DAVID: We look forward to having you with us! And please tell your colleagues about QuantumListing. The more users and the more listings we have, the more useful it is!

Good luck on your appt!


VISITOR: I am going to spread the word thanks

9m · 


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