by Tim Milazzo

Connecting Investors and Lenders

When you click on listings that are for sale, you'll notice a button that will take you to the StackSource site. If you are not familiar with StackSource, it is a tech-enabled real estate loan platform. It helps investors source loans with an expanding number of banks, insurance companies and private lenders. 

Prospective borrowers enter their property information into the StackSource portal and their propietary algorithm matches the property with lender critera.

Tim Milazzo, founder said, "We’re excited to bring an innovative financing platform to Quantum Listing’s users, letting them easily connect to our full array of lending partners including banks, credit unions, government agency, and private lending options across the country."

What I love about the StackSource platform is that it aligns with QuantumListing's mission to democratize commercial real estate services, giving equal access to first time investors and seasoned veterans. Deals and partnerships still have to pass muster, but streamlining the process is a welcome change. We're really excited about this relationship and would love to get your feedback.