5th September 2017    David

JAMIE SCHWARTZI visited my friend Jamie Schwartz from GHP Office Realty in his office today. In addition to being a great guy, he’s a terrific broker and real estate attorney. Jamie was one of the first people to sign up for QuantumListing. My visit reminded him that he needed to add a couple of listings and delete one that was no longer available. When he was looking at his Profile, he was a little bummed because he didn’t have any followers. I told him I would follow him when I got back to my office, which I did. To follow another user, just click on their user name on one of their listings and then click on the follow button. It’s really easy.

Following a user has a couple of advantages. First, from your profile page you can click on the link to see who you are following, then click on the tile with their profile picture and user name. You’ll get to see all of their listings. So, if there is an agent or owner in your market that you follow, you can quickly see their listings without having to search for them.

The second advantage is that the most recent updates and changes to the listings of those you follow are easily accessible by clicking the My Stream button. So, in the instance of Jamie, after I followed him, I was able to go to my profile page and see the two listings he added or updated. You should make a habit of checking your stream regularly, because only the five most recent changes are visible!

There is one small catch, though. In order to follow QuantumListing users and to see their updates in your Stream, you have to be a registered QuantumListing member. When you REGISTER, you’ll get a trial Premium Membership. If you don’t opt to continue your Premium Membership at the end of the trial, you’ll become a basic member and will still be able to follow other members. Get a look at all of our features, membership levels and pricing by clicking HERE.

When you do join QuantumListing, look for the brokers and owners in your market and be sure to follow them. Then, have a look at your stream on a regular basis to keep up to date with the changes in your market. Follow the stream!

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CRE Podcasts

Introducing the CRE Podcasts Directory

 26th August 2017    David

According to the Microfocus blog, more than four million hours of video is posted to YouTube each day. There are billions of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter posts every day. There are more than six billion Google searches every day, too. There are at least 250,000 podcasts out there. Marketing expert Mark Schaeffer writes often about “content shock,” the phenomenon where content creation vastly exceeds our capacity to consume it. He contends that the only way to get someone to consume your content is to actually pay for them to do it. To get your content noticed, you’ll need to take out ads on Facebook, LinkedIn or wherever you think your audience is.

As commercial real estate professionals, it’s important that we continue to learn about our industry. In order to help cut through the content shock, we just introduced a new website, The goal is to create a comprehensive directory of CRE podcasts and video channels, making it easier for you to find relevant content. Right now, it is little more than a listing of about seventy podcasts and video channels. Users can make moderated comments, and over time we’ll make suggestions and comments of our own. It is very much a work in progress, so we can use your help in bringing our attention to the podcasts and videos you listen to or watch. And we’re open to suggestions on how to make it more useful to you.

For now, we are hosting it outside of, but may at some future point host it within. Since we are in the process of rebuilding QuantumListing, I didn’t want to force scope creep on the tech team. Additionally, this will allow the directory to become what it wants to be. Will there be a meritocracy, where the better content rises to the top? Will we introduce paid placement? I’m not sure yet. First we have to get eyeballs here.

If you’re thinking about starting your own podcast and are wondering about who the current audience is, check out THIS article.

Please have a look at and if you don’t see your podcast or video channel listed yet, or have suggestions on ones to add, send an email to [email protected] or fill out the form below.

Skate to Where the Puck is Going to Be

#LetsGetSmart – Skate to Where the Puck is Going to Be

 7th July 2017    Mary Keough

John SherryJohn Sherry, Director of Client Services at AMP Technologies,
a cloud-based real estate asset management platform based out of San Ramon, California, focused his talk on how mobile applications, more commonly referred to as “apps,” are transforming retail.John is a colleague of Craig Wood , who also spoke at #LetsGetSmart.

John began his talk with a quote from the great hockey player, Wayne Gretzky. Gretzky once said of his strategy on the ice, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” John said that for retail, this quote encompasses the idea that apps need to be focused on the future. It is imperative that business team members today think outside-of-the-box as they work to meet consumers’ changing needs. John believes that above all else, apps need to be simple and easy so that every consumer can access them.

John cited one example of a colleague who was in San Francisco when he met two app developers who created Partender, an app that allows people in the bar and restaurant industry to get the full inventory of an entire bar by using a smartphone camera.  In speaking of thier success, John said that these two developers, “didn’t think outside of the box, they created their own box,” adding that “that’s really what you have to do today because there is so much competition.”

John cited apps like AirBnB, HotelTonight, and Chewy as being successful because of their simplicity and efficiency.

He went on to discuss a statistic that indicated a huge market for apps such as these, stating that “this is the best, most exciting time for apps that retailers could ever have.” On a daily basis, the average person uses eight apps; in a month, the average person uses about thirty. Thus, the opportunity certainly exists for retail industries to capitalize on the popularity in general of smartphone apps. John said that for retailers, the key is thinking about what consumers need and how to deliver it to them before they even realize their own need.

John discussed one app, PricePatrol, that allows a person to look for a product in his or her area and compare which retailer has it closest and cheapest (with the goal being to make the product more accessible to the consumer than even Amazon’s 2-day shipping could). John applauded this app as something that is quick, simple, and easy to use.

The big retailers are trying to differentiate themselves from a social media standpoint, working to get millions of users in touch as they post about discount items. As John said, “the mobile shopping revolution is going to be here to stay, and retailers can either beat it or join it.”

John also believes businesses should strive to use apps as a way to enhance the customer experience. BestBuy, for example, has created an app that allows the consumer to scan QR codes, compare prices, and track purchases in a simple way, thus improving the customer experience through an app.

Likewise, the Target app allows customers to set up registries for weddings and baby showers by simply walking around the store and scanning items that they would like. In this way, John believes Target is creating an experience for customers that is simple yet fun.

When asked what his favorite application is, John pointed to PipeDrive, a simple, easy-to-use app that can track all of a company’s deals, contacts, and communication. He also cited HubSpot as a favorite, noting one particular aspect of the app that allows users to schedule emails that need to be sent in the future so that the user does not forget about them.

In conclusion, John said that in this day and age, companies need to be mindful of creating cohesion within their platforms. “All the channels matter so it’s just not going to be apps that matter, it’s going to be store, online, and mobile,” John said, echoing the same ideas of the other speakers from #LetsGetSmart17.

Watch John Sherry’s talk at Let’s Get Smart:

Mary Keough is a recent graduate of University of Virginia, where she earned her bachelors degree in psychology and her masters degree in teaching. She is looking to pursue a career in elementary education. She can be reached at [email protected]

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#LetsGetSmart – Origins and Recap

 11th June 2017    David_Perlmutter

Like many other three day trade shows, the last day of ICSC RECon is used by many of its participants for travel and those that remain behind are exhausted from the previous days’ activities and are marking time until they can dismantle their booths. However, there is another side to the third day. Those remaining are usually not rushing from meeting to meeting, and have the opportunity to sit down and have longer conversations and build relationships.

#LetsGetSmart, the Wednesday Speaker Series at ICSC RECon was conceived by David Perlmutter of Perlmutter Properties and QuantumListing, and Brian Donovan of Donovan Real Estate Services to capitalize on this aspect. Several years ago, Brian began bringing a great bottle of wine over to the Perlmutter Properties booth, to be enjoyed by all those present, as they did a informal review of the previous few days activity at RECon. Then, a couple of years ago, they started introducing In-N-Out Burgers to the dialogue. In 2016, Mike McClure of Ad Art Sign Company and Chuck Dietz of the Dietz Partnership sat down with them to have a lengthy discussion about the show and trends in retail architecture and sign design.

After the 2016 show concluded, David and Brian decided to create a program with several speakers from different aspects of the retail real estate industry and invite the convention stragglers to sit down for an incredibly interesting experience that has not previously been provided on day 3 of RECon. Due to the intimate nature of the setting, participants were able to engage in a dialogue with industry thought leaders. Not only were we treated to thoughtful presentations by the speakers, but we were also given the opportunity to ask questions. The In-N-Out Burgers and a couple of great bottles of wine were the proverbial icing on the cake.

Thanks to the speakers, participants and hosts of #LetsGetSmart17. In spite of a few last minute scheduling changes, it was an incredibly informative and entertaining event in a relaxed setting. There is no doubt that the goal of exchanging information and forging new relationships was met. We’re already looking forward to #LetsGetSmart18!

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Are you optimistic about the future of the shopping center industry?

Are You Optimistic About the Future of the Shopping Center Industry?

 21st May 2017    David_Perlmutter

ICSC REConThe shopping center industry is gathering in Las Vegas this week for RECon, the International Council of Shopping Center’s large national convention. People attend not only from the United States, but from all over the world. It’s a dynamic mix of retailers, developers, owners, brokers, architects, engineers, lawyers, CRE tech, media and more. Over 32,000 have pre-registered, and thousands more will register at the door. It’s going to be BIG. How big? 1200 exhibitors filling up 853,000 square feet of the Las Vegas Convention Center big. Plus dozens of parties, dinners and gatherings both in the Convention Center and throughout Las Vegas.

This is my 30th or 31st consecutive time attending this convention. In addition to being a great way to network, make new connections, and catch up with old friends, RECon is a fantastic opportunity to take the pulse of the industry. What better way to do that then to ask the simple, direct question, “Are you optimistic about the future of the shopping center industry?” We took our choice of answers from the old Magic 8 Ball. Your choices are Yes, No, Maybe, and Ask again tomorrow. You can take the poll one of three ways.

You can stop by our booth, S246 S Street in the South Hall and drop your card in our Voting Machine.  Otherwise, take the poll below. I’m telling you right now, my own answer is yes, and if you stop by my booth, I’ll tell you why, otherwise check back after Memorial Day for my reasons why I am optimistic.

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