Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, QuantumListing

 9th August 2017    David_Perlmutter

image-1Happy anniversary, QuantumListing. I can’t believe it has been two years since the QuantumListing iOS app launched on the iTunes store. At the time, I issued a press release. In it, I am quoted as saying, “This app resulted from a need I perceived in the real estate market – access to listings when I’m out on the road – and sufficient technological evolution to satisfy that need in a cost effective manner. When I started as a real estate salesperson in the mid 1980’s, the fax machine was an expensive novelty, which then evolved into a inexpensive commodity. I was the first person at the place I worked to use a personal computer. I’ve run an independent real estate brokerage company since 1989 and have always used new technologies to be competitive and offer services locally on a par with the large national companies. As a result of the consolidation in the real estate information sector, information service pricing is spiraling out of control. As a result of the high prices, those companies often seem more like acerbic partners than service providers. They are rich data sources, but too often, most of that information is not required on a day to day basis, and to use their mobile solutions, users have to pay an even higher premium. Our goal is to provide the information people really need, where they need it, at an extremely cost effective price. Today’s smartphone and cloud technology gives agents and owners the perfect tools to accomplish this goal.” All of this is still true. QuantumListing has evolved since then, with its website becoming equally important as the iPhone and Android apps.

As I look back over the last two years, I am grateful to all of thousands of people that have made QuantumListing part of their work lives, either as members, searchers, ambassadors, advisors, or friends. Thank you. Knowing there are so many people pulling for your success makes the investment of time and money worth it. I will confess that I thought it would be easier to get people to add QuantumListing to their workflow. I thought the combination of convenience, features and value would have users swarming to join from Day 1. It’s more like a steady trickle. Considering that we’re up against an entrenched behemoth that spends untold millions on marketing versus our pretty much non-existent marketing budget, a steady trickle is reasonable. At my brokerage, I received a marketing package from LoopNet and CoStar last week (and I’m already a customer), delivered by FedEx. Inside it was a box with a bubble wrapped envelope and inside that was another box, that when opened, revealed a video screen that automatically started playing a commercial for CoStar and LoopNet. I have to think that they spent more on producing the three videos that the player contained than has been spent on the entire development of QuantumListing. If I were thinner skinned, I would be intimidated by that, and of course by their seemingly unlimited legal budget…

Having been a commercial broker for thirty years, though, I’ve learned a lot about perseverance. Early on in my career, I spent two years calling the in-house real estate rep (shout out to Sey Young!)  from Walmart to get him to visit the site that I was working on for a developer. Finally, he came and we made the deal, although ultimately the center never got built. Experience teaches you how to deal with disappointment, too!

But, I digress. Working on QuantumListing is exciting every day. It reminds me of my experiences developing shopping centers as much as my brokerage business. Outside professionals are an integral part of making the vision a reality. Instead of architects, engineers and lawyers, though it is  designers and a technical team. The one constant is money! You start out investing your own money, and then bring in outside equity and/or debt.

It took six years from concept to construction completion for my development partnership, DKH, to redevelop the Ridgeway Shopping Center in Stamford, CT. There were an incredible number of moving parts, existing tenants, future tenants, partners and professionals. It was as great a concept when it was built as it was when we conceived the project. And more than twenty-five years after we started the project, it is still an incredibly vibrant community center in the hands of its current owner, with the same anchor tenants as when it was built. I have the same level of confidence in QuantumListing that I had in Ridgeway. I know it is going to take time, effort, money, and a great team. The concept is sound, and it is getting enriched as we keep going and add more people to the team and incorporate their ideas.

It won’t be long before the new version of the website is available, and a new version of the iOS app. Concurrent with the new version of the website is a new module which will I think be quite different from anything on the market today, and has the potential to further differentiate QuantumListing from other offerings in the listing service market. Sorry to be so vague, but you’ll just have to be a little patient!

I’ve learned a lot in the last two years, and I’ve met an incredible array of people. I can’t wait to see where we’ll be two years from now. Hopefully, you’ll still be on this journey with me.



Disrupting CRE Listings

 23rd June 2017    David_Perlmutter

As a 31 year veteran of the commercial real estate industry, I was not satisfied with the commercial real estate listing solution offerings available to me. My existing information services didn’t allow me to be as productive as I could be when I was out of the office, canvassing and showing space.

So, I decided to create QuantumListing, a solution to all the issues my previous services did not provide. Whether I’m at the office, on the road, or at home, and whether I’m on my computer, my phone or tablet, I have access to my listings, can add new ones, and send them out to prospects.

I believe in being completely transparent about the features and pricing available to you, which you can see in the tables below. You would have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars a year to get the same features from some of the other services.

The app versions for iOS and Android are available to you at no extra cost.

We don’t yet have the volume of listings or searches as the big guys, but we are determined to get there, and help you in any way we can. For instance, we share all of our users’ listings to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Please visit QuantumListing.com,  where you can search all of our users’ listings without registering and without having to pay. Then, register for a three month free trial. You’ll be able to add an unlimited number of listings.

You can also download our apps using the links below.

We look forward to working with you to build both of our businesses.


David Perlmutter

QuantumListing Features and Pricing

Stone Soup, or Why Am I Doing This?

Stone Soup, or Why Am I Doing This?

 2nd June 2017    David_Perlmutter

I am developing QuantumListing because I needed a full featured, mobile friendly listing solution that put users first, and was priced reasonably. I’ve been a commercial agent for over thirty years, and nothing on the market came even close. We are creating something that will find you where you are, where you spend your time, on your phone, on LinkedIn, on Facebook, on Twitter. I want to give you a service where anyone can search your listings without having to worry about the good stuff being hidden behind a paywall, or without you having to pay through the nose. As we have been developing the platform, users have made great suggestions which we have either already added or are in the process of doing so.

We’re making stone soup here. Everyone needs to throw something in the pot if you want it to be good. Post your listings. The more you post, the better the soup. You can complain about the Goliath in commercial real estate information and do nothing but play along and pay up. Or you can be a David, put that stone in your slingshot and take aim. How do you take aim? Join QuantumListing and post your listings. When you post your listings, we don’t let them just sit there lying around waiting for someone to find them. We share them for you on social media, and in the process, make them more visible in search engines.

You can create flyers and listing reports with QuantumListing. You easily can share listings via email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. You can serve your listings to your website from QuantumListing, and that’s for no extra charge. You can follow your favorite brokers for fast access to their listings, or just save the listings that that count to your favorites. You can keep private notes on listings that only you can see. And we’re just getting started. And it’s $79.99 a year for individual users or $899.99 a year for enterprise users.

I don’t have Goliath’s reach, but I’ve got a stone and a slingshot. You know how that story ends. Now, it’s time for a good bowl of soup.

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The Power of Suggestions

The Power of Suggestions

 28th March 2017    David_Perlmutter

The power of suggestions. No, we’re not talking about hypnotism or some bizarro mind control. We’re talking about empowering you, the QuantumListing users and blog readers, to make suggestions to improve the QuantumListing user experience. Steve Schwartz of  New York’s SB Schwartz made a suggestion to add a private note feature, and we did. You can read about it in our blog post Use the Schwartz and see how to use the feature in THIS VIDEO (it’s only 42 seconds).

Add Additional URL

Click to see full sized image.

This time, it was Elena Wall of developer Simon CRE in Scottsdale AZ. She came up with two suggestions, both of which we were able to implement within 24 hours. Elena is Simon CRE’s Director of Marketing. I was walking her through adding a listing to QuantumListing, and she asked if we could add a blank on our listing entry form for an optional URL, in her case, for a confidentiality agreement. It seemed simple enough, and in fact it was.

Her second suggestion was even simpler to implement, since it was just a tweak to a feature that was already in place. I had long since wanted to add a menu item to the top of the website for users to alert us to issues they were experiencing with the website or to make suggestions on how to improve the user experience. There’s not enough room up there to write Issues and Suggestions, so I labeled it Issues, probably because I am concerned (paranoid?) about any problems that users are experiencing. Elena suggested that it be changed to Suggestions, as it has a more positive connotation. It didn’t take much to convince me. Sometimes, it takes a marketing mind! Thanks, Elena. Great things can happen when you listen to your customers. Getting input from lots of people will help make for a better user experience for everyone.


If you have a suggestion on how to make QuantumListing better, or if you are experiencing an issue with the site or one of the apps, please let us know. You can just fill out the form below.

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My marketing sucks

Does My Marketing Suck?

 19th March 2017    David_Perlmutter

image-1-3Does my marketing suck? There’s a commercial on the news station I often listen to in the car for a marketing company, and its website is yourmarketingsucks.com. I hear the commercial a couple of times a week at least, but probably only needed one time to remember the web address. I never surfed to it until just now, though. The website repeats their tagline, with the follow up that they can change that. It has a few simple graphics defining the range of services, a single button to click on, and in the background some kind of moving three dimensional graphic that made me feel like I was getting motion sickness. That made me want to get off that page as soon as possible, and I had two choices, either clicking the button, or quitting the website. The first time I left the website, but then went back for the sake of you, dear reader, and it brings you to a dead simple page with a form to fill out for a free consultation. So, it’s clear this is a numbers game. He reaches a ton of people on the radio. Eventually, like me, some are going to check out the website, some are going to leave, either because they just went in the first place because they were curious, or were nauseated by the moving graphic, and some are going to click that one bright red button. Then, some are going to fill out the form, and some are going to leave. I didn’t fill out the form, but I’m sure there’s an auto-reply and on the next business day, a human will call me to set a time for my consultation. I can’t attest to this company’s services, but his marketing is pretty good. They have a single, simple message which they deliver consistently and often.

What I need to learn about marketing is a topic that has been on my mind recently. I run  an independent real estate brokerage, Perlmutter Properties, in addition to being the founder of QuantumListing. Neither has a marketing department or a long term marketing consultant. I’ve always been a do-it-yourselfer, partly to keep costs down, partly because I enjoy doing things myself. It was only about 6 years ago, after being in the real estate business for 25 years, that I let someone else work on my Perlmutter Properties website and produce my listing flyers. As a small business owner, it’s very easy to settle into patterns of practice, rather than always being on the lookout for best practices. There’s a lot to do all of the time, so it’s not always possible or practical to change, even though that might be what is better.

Last week, Perlmutter Properties sent out an email blast for some former bank branches, some of which are for sale, some available for sub-lease. My email service sends out a follow up email to the people that don’t open the email the first time it is sent. I’ve sent out this blast once a month for the last few months. A colleague that I know well at another firm called me up and asked me why I hadn’t sent it to him before. He has probably gotten that particular email half a dozen times. He told me that my emails don’t end up in his junk folder. I’m sure, like me, he gets at least two hundred emails a day, 85% of which are for listings in markets that I don’t cover. It is easy to overlook or delete something that is relevant. When I send an owner, buyer or tenant a proposal, I usually follow up with a call to make sure they know it has been sent.  The volume of email can get overwhelming, so much so, that I started using a service called SaneBox, which uses AI to learn about you and your email and help manage what is important, without sending things you might be interested in to spam.

So, it took 6 or 7 emails to get my friend to call me about this one particular property. In marketing, there’s something called the Rule of 7. It states that a prospect must hear an advertiser’s message 7 times before they’ll take action or buy the product. Anyone who has ever watched a tv show has certainly had the experience of being inundated by the same commercial over and over again, often within the course of the same show. It’s annoying, but apparently really effective.

Taking a step back and thinking about my efforts at marketing QuantumListing, I realize that a marketing professional would likely say they are scattered and unfocused. While I think of looking at it as trying to find a hook that works, my intended audience may see it differently. While I think sending the same message over and over again is tedious, my intended audience may only actually be seeing it once, and they need to see it again and again.

As someone involved in every step of building the QuantumListing platform, I get caught up in the excitement of each new feature we introduce. I’ll focus my marketing on that and then move on to the next thing. I’m looking at each tree as special and want you to see it that way too, but what I should be doing is drawing your attention to my incredibly special forest. Again and again and again.  Think about Coca-Cola’s marketing. They often run with a slogan for years. It’s the real thing. A Coke and a smile. I’d like to buy the world a coke. Taste the feeling. Even their blunder, New Coke, got everyone talking about the original product and why the loved it. Has Nike ever budged from Just Do It? Has QuantumListing had a clear and consistent message? No.

To answer my question at the top of this post, my marketing sucks. There are lots of reasons you should try QuantumListing, but one clear message at a time is my new mantra.

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