Poll Results: Are You Optimistic About the Future of the Shopping Center Industry?

 30th May 2017    David_Perlmutter
Voting Machine

Are You Optimistic About the Future of the Shopping Center Industry?

Last week we conducted a poll, “Are you optimistic about the future of the shopping center industry?” Respondents voted by dropping their business cards into the voting machine at our booth at ICSC RECon at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  The voting machine was on a coffee table located at the seating area at the front of our booth. It was the subject of much curiosity and a great conversation starter with booth visitors and passers by. Thanks to all of you that stopped by to participate. There were four possible answers, Yes, No, Maybe, and Ask me again next year.

There have been a lot of stories in the press recently about retail. Most of them, it seems, center around store closings or how internet retailers have been disrupting traditional retail. This is not “fake news,” but it does not tell the whole story. If your only exposure to this story were from the media, you might think that the shopping center industry was in a precipitous free fall. However, as a thirty year retail veteran, this is only one of many shocks our industry has undergone in that period. It is unlike the previous ones, but none of them have really resembled their predecessors. Each time, the industry has reemerged, and we have delivered a product that better meets the current needs and wants of our customers.

On the last day of RECon, Wednesday, we hosted the #LetsGetSmart Speaker Series at our booth. Our speakers led us on a deep dive that was a nuanced exploration of the state of the retail industry. Over the next several blog posts, we’ll take a close look at their presentations. If you can’t wait, and want to view their talks first, you can watch them by clicking HERE.



As for our poll, here are the results:

YES – 74

NO – 8

MAYBE – 12


With an almost 3 to 1 ratio of Yes votes to all other options combined, RECon participants appear to be optimistic about the future of the industry. Is it that we have blind spot? Do we see the glass as half full, rather than half empty? Or, is it that we don’t have scales on our eyes, we have the knowledge of past disruptions, and we are the engines of change?

Join us on this journey as we explore the contents of the #LetsGetSmart videos over the next couple of weeks.

We’d like to know what you think about the future of the shopping center industry. If you are willing to share your thoughts, fill out the form below:

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The Social Media Poll

 17th February 2017    David_Perlmutter

With a little time to kill before my connecting flight from Korea to Vietnam, I decided to use it to post a new Twitter poll. The question is “Which social media platform do you think is the most valuable for commercial real estate. The poll has only been up for a few minutes and we already have a few answers. Please take the poll, share it with your friends and colleagues, and feel free to send me replies via Twitter to @QuantumListing, via email to [email protected] or just leave comments on this page.

Here’s the poll:



We’ve gotten some comments via Twitter and want to share them with you.



(Sarah Malcolm, now Chief Digital Strategist at The News Funnel, was the subject of a feature last March by QuantumListing intern Jack Grossman. You can read that post HERE)

As for me, I’m most active on Twitter. Probably because it is fast and easy. I use Buffer to send listings, and articles to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Occasionally I also send content to Instagram, too, but that takes a couple of additional steps, so that holds me back from using it more. I do have fun goofing around with my kids on Snapchat, but have not set up a separate account for business. Do any of you use Snapchat in a business context.

I know I should use LinkedIn more, but I just have not made it a part of my routine yet. Content syndication through The News Funnel is definitely part of my strategy, too, and although it is not officially social media, it kind of is, and I suspect that is part of the reason Sarah Malcolm is now part of their team.

Tony vanderBeek’s write in candidate, YouTube, is something I use, but mostly for instructional videos. I’ll continue to add to this article, and would love to get your thoughts too. Email me at [email protected], Tweet @QuantumListing or just add to the comments below. I know we all have a lot to learn from each other about how we can benefit from social media.


Weekends: Commercial Agents vs Residential Agents

 30th January 2017    David_Perlmutter

Is the weekend your time to relax? Or is it when you get your job done? Let’s find out!

Here’s what we learned from our colleagues in the commercial real estate world:

And here’s what we learned from our colleagues in the residential real estate world:

There are no big surprises with these results. As a commercial real estate broker, I only show space on weekends when I have to, and usually that is because the customer is a store owner who can’t see the space any other time. Office customers want to see their potential space during the week, when the office buildings are fully operational. When my kids were younger and I was coaching their sports teams and otherwise attending their activities, I rarely showed space on the weekend. Wearing my brokerage hat, I do often spend time on weekends working in other ways, such as answering emails and strategic planning. Wearing my QuantumListing hat, sometimes I feel like the only time I’m not working is when I’m asleep.

Residential agents’ customers often work on weekdays, therefore they have to show space on the weekend. I am a little surprised that 23% of the respondents said they don’t show houses or apartments on the weekend, but this could have been skewed by the small sample size. Additionally, it is not uncommon for residential agents to have a team partner, so, if they can’t show the place, then their partner will pick up the ball.

What about you? What type of real estate do you practice, and do you show space on the weekend? Let us know in the comments.



Twitter Poll: What’s your biggest complaint about your primary commercial real estate listing information source?

 10th January 2017    David_Perlmutter

We conducted a seven day, one question Twitter poll: “What’s your biggest complaint about your primary commercial real estate listing information source?” Voting is closed, but feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

We were naturally curious about this. CoStar and LoopNet are pretty indisputably the top two commercial real estate listing sources, and QuantumListing, along with a host of others, including Xceligent, RealMassive, and SpotCRE,  and are all hoping to grab a piece of that pie.  There are other companies in the space like CompStak and The Broker List but with different angles.

While not a very large sample size, with only 19 votes, I’m not sure if a larger data set would have changed the ranking of complaints much. Unsurprisingly, the number one complaint is cost, with 47% of the vote. Brokerages spend thousands of dollars annually for these services. Mobile friendliness came in second with 27% of the vote, followed by outdated information at 21% and ease of use with a mere 5%.

When we were planning and the QuantumListing app, these were issues that we thought about deeply and tried to address. Let’s look at them individually:

Cost – If you just want to search listings, QuantumListing is FREE. If you want to post listings, our pricing structure for an individual user is $9.99/month, $24.99/3 months, or $79.99/year. For our Enterprise solution, it’s only $899.99 per office. And, there’s no limit on the number of listings a user can add for that price. We’re giving you a free three month trial Premium Membership, so there’s no risk to join.

Mobile Friendliness – We just scored 96/100 on the Google Mobile Friendly test. We’ll shoot for 100, but 96 is pretty damn good.

Outdated Information – This is the hardest one.We tackled this topic in our blog post, The Fallacy of Accurate Information Services. Even CoStar, with its thousands of researchers is chock full of outdated information, and you need to check each listing before presenting it to your customer if you don’t want to get egg on your face. Our solution, albeit imperfect, is to put the date that the property was listed in the Property Overview. So, if a date is recent, it’s a good bet that the information is good.

Ease of Use – The greatest testimony to’s ease of use is that within minutes of registering, a good percentage of our users immediately add a listing.

We haven’t been around that long yet, so you should not cancel your other listing services yet. But, it sure makes sense for you to give us a shot, doesn’t it?

If you’d like to see the results of our previous polls, click HERE.

Fill out the form below to start a 3 month trial Premium Membership to QuantumListing.


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What Do You Like Most About Commercial Real Estate?

 26th August 2016    David_Perlmutter

bitmoji-20160826195829I just started a new Twitter poll, What do you like most about commercial real estate. I think it has been a couple of months since I conducted a Twitter poll. It has been a tough summer for personal reasons, but I’m getting back into the swing of things. Business is picking up, and there’s a lot of interesting opportunities on the horizon.  It’s time to start thinking about what we want to accomplish in the future, and what better way than to take stock of what is important to us about what we do? I’ve been in the commercial real estate industry for 30 years. I know what my answer to the poll would be, and will reveal it in the post-poll wrap up. What about you? Is it the money, the people, the challenge, a combination of the three? Something all together different. What is it that gets you out of bed in the morning? What is it that wakes you up at 5 o’clock in the morning? I really hope that people who can’t chose one of the first three answers will use the reply option (depicted in the image below) to give their answer.Screenshot

I would be grateful if you would retweet the poll so that we can get as many responses as possible. If we get a sufficient number of responses I’ll write a follow up article. Thank you for participating and sharing this with your friends and colleagues.

***FOLLOW UP*** – While hardly a statistically significant sampling (14 respondents), what people like most about commercial real estate is the challenge. Those that answered the people or the money were tied for second. No one opted to come up with a different answer. What do you think the results say about the people in the commercial real estate industry? Answer in the comments!

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