QuantumListing Hot Spot: Dallas TX

 12th September 2016    David_Perlmutter

Today’s QuantumListing Hot Spot is Dallas TX. Other than the airport, I’ve only been to Dallas once, and that was a long time ago, either in the late 1980’s or early 90’s. This was back when the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) used to have a second national convention in November or December. I was in my twenties and remember having a lot of fun with my peers. I also got to see my next door neighbor growing up, Danny Cohen, who had moved to Dallas. Prior to that, my main exposure to Dallas was the TV show, and of course the Dallas Cowboys. I couldn’t believe it the first time I heard that Roger Staubach had launched a real estate brokerage and showed up at the ICSC National Dealmaking in Las Vegas!

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The middle of the country!

QuantumListing Hot Spot: Chicago IL

 6th September 2016    David_Perlmutter

imagesThe last time I was in Chicago was at an airport hotel on my way to Montana. Our plane was delayed due to bad weather when we were taking a vacation to a dude ranch to celebrate my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary. I think the hotel we were put up in Chicago was the airport Hilton. It was a perfectly nice hotel under the circumstances, but the atmosphere there was a little bit like one of those trippy movies from the 70’s. There was some kind of national extreme dog grooming convention. There were dogs groomed to look like Las Vegas Elvis, dogs groomed to look like 19th century hookers from, dogs groomed to look like I don’t know what in all sorts of fanciful costumes and dyed incredible colors. I had no idea that this was a thing.  When I picked up our Golden Retriever, Jasper, from our local groomer on Saturday, I did not see anything resembling the spectacle I saw at this convention.

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QuantumListing Hot Spot: Newark, NJ

 2nd September 2016    David_Perlmutter

Today’s QuantumListing Hot Spot is Newark, NJ. Newark holds a warm spot in my heart. My four grandparents all chose Newark as their first home when they came to the United States last century in the teens and twenties. My father’s father had a grocery store there, which my father helped grow into a public company. My mother’s father had a butter and egg business, and her mother had a retail store, the Novelty Kiddie Shop. I was born in Newark, and lived there my first year. Phillip Roth chronicled the Weequahic section where we lived in many of his books. And like many other characters in Roth’s books, my family moved from the city when they could.

During the 90’s my development partnership, DKH, built Ferry Plaza on Ferry Street in the Ironbound section. I have a great picture at my office of then Mayor Sharpe James holding my infant son, Ben, at the ground breaking ceremony. Ben is now almost 22. Once the center was leased up, we rarely had any vacancy. We subsequently brought in Urstadt Biddle Properties as partner in the center, and they’re doing a fantastic job managing it.

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QuantumListing Hot Spot: Phoenix AZ

 31st August 2016    David_Perlmutter

Today’s QuantumListing Hot Spot is Phoenix, Arizona. As of this writing, we have 34 listings within a 20 mile radius of Phoenix, so we have lots of room to grow here. The content of the search results will update automatically as listings are added, edited or deleted. So, bookmark this page if you are interested in commercial real estate in the Phoenix area! With QuantumListing, there is no paywall to search listings. If you are a broker or agent, and would like to have a free trial of QuantumListing, click HERE.

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QuantumListing Hot Spot: White Plains, NY

 28th August 2016    David_Perlmutter

bitmoji-20160828210313QuantumListing is headquartered in White Plains, NY. So, as a shout out to our corporate hometown, we’re going to initiate this new blog post series, QuantumListing Hot Spots in White Plains. The content will be updated as different users add, edit or delete their listings. You can click on any of the listings to go to its detail page. It’s also a great opportunity for you to try our long overdue search filter!

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