Saturday with Howard Kline and CRE TV & Radio

Saturday with Howard Kline and CRE Radio & TV, Episode 4

 10th September 2016    David_Perlmutter

In this episode, Howard Kline talks to Ian Marlow, CEO of Fitech. Fitech is an outsourced IT department for real estate companies. He shares an anecdote about one of the student housing buildings they service and how Fitech was able to come up with a creative solution to solve bandwidth issues in student housing.

Student Housing Owners Get Surprised by Students Use of the Internet

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Saturday with Howard Kline and CRE Radio & TV, Episode 3

 3rd September 2016    David_Perlmutter

Today we bring you Episode 3 of Saturday with Howard Kline and CRE Radio & TV. Our charismatic host Howard talks with the incredibly knowledgeable Jeff Rinkov, CEO of Lee & Associates about urban core development. What are the key factors to urban core development?  Where are the markets where urban core is having its greatest impact? Who are these new developments being built for? Watch and learn!

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Saturday with Howard Kline and CRE TV & Radio

Saturday with Howard Kline and CRE Radio & TV, Episode 2

 20th August 2016    David_Perlmutter

Prismaimage1Last week, we introduced a series to our blog, Saturday with Howard Kline and CRE Radio & TV. Today we bring you Episode 2!

This past May, QuantumListing and Perlmutter Properties sponsored Howard Kline and CRE Radio & TV at ICSC RECon 2016. One of the benefits of the sponsorship is that Howard interviewed me about QuantumListing. Watch the interview below!

As is alluded to in the interview, QuantumListing was on the cusp of introducing our web version. We did that and since then, we’ve also introduced the Enterprise Dashboard.  We continue to improve and refine the website and the Enterprise Dashboard, and as a result, it has eclipsed the app in terms of functionality. Fortunately, the website is fully responsive, so you can use your phone or tablet to access the website.

QuantumListing was conceived as a mobile technology. Even though the app may now be secondary to the website, the mobile-first philosophy continues to govern our development. Keeping the number of steps required to do any activity to a minimum is just as important on the website as it was on the app.

As new members join the QuantumListing community, I often see them post listings right away. This tells me that they are finding it easy to use. Additionally, users that have been members are coming back to the website and app and updating their listings. This tells me that they are finding enough value in the product that they want to keep it current, and that the process to edit listings is easy enough that they don’t mind doing it.

For a limited time, we are giving new users, both Individual and Enterprise, a three month trial Premium Membership. We encourage you to take advantage, as this offer will not last much longer! To get started, just fill out the form below.

PS: The funky version of the QuantumListing logo at the top of the post was made using the new Prisma app. It is a really fun and easy way to transform your images. It is available for iPhone and Android and it’s free!

Saturday with Howard Kline and CRE TV & Radio

Saturday with Howard Kline and CRE Radio and TV

 13th August 2016    David_Perlmutter
Howard Kline

CRE Radio and TV Host Howard Kline

Today, we’re introducing a new feature on our blog, it’s “Saturday with Howard Kline and CRE Radio and TV.” Howard is an engaging interviewer, and his natural curiosity and insightful questions brings out the best in each of his guests. CRE Radio and TV’s mission statement gets right to the heart of the matter of what Howard and his curated content are all about:

The CRE Radio Mission Statement:

  • Serve as an independent source of original content, exploring issues confronting the commercial real estate industry
  • Impartially cover the events, issues, personalities and ideas that count in commercial real estate today
  • Be a sounding board for discussion of new ideas among experienced CRE professionals
  • Examine and promote the best ways for CRE professionals to put technology to work in growing their businesses
  • Provide sponsor supported promotional media exclusively for and about commercial real estate

This past May, Perlmutter Properties and QuantumListing hosted Howard at our booth at ICSC RECon 2016. Howard conducted many of his interviews there. It was a great opportunity to get to know Howard better and to meet his guests. Today’s featured interview is with Laurie Baker, the 2016 President of CREW Network and Senior Vice President of Houston based Camden Property Trust (CPT), one of the largest publicly traded multifamily companies in the United States.

Today’s video is “Challenges and Solutions to Multi-use Properties.” Laurie discusses how to balance the interests of the different stakeholders in their developments. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

If you have time for a double feature, check out some of the QuantumListing Video Demos, so you can learn more about our quickly growing commercial real estate listing platform!

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