Can We Talk?

Thanks for your interest in QuantumListing. I would love to get on a web meeting with you as a group or individually to tell you more about it. You can schedule something via this link: https://calendly.com/david-417

In the meantime, here are some links that can give you a sense of what we offer: 

A YouTube video overview of the site: https://youtu.be/_lsmbTVCwmw

A chart of our features and pricing: https://quantumlisting.com/about-us

If you want to get on the site and register for an account, https://quantumlisting.com/account/signup This way you’ll have access to all of the features.  You don’t have to give any credit card info to start your free trial, and if you decide to go ahead, we can always reset the clock on your free trial.

As I told A*******, we are about to introduce our Network option, which might be a good fit for D*******. It will allow broker networks to share their network’s listings to its website, let members easily check on updates, and allow the network admins to send email to the members.

If you want to see what QuantumListing looks like on a broker site, have a look at these pages from my brokerage company website: 

You can share all of the company’s listings on one page: http://perlmutterproperties.com/listings-at-a-glance-2/

You can create individual pages for each listing. Here is a sample listing: http://perlmutterproperties.com/bank-sublease-66-main-street-yonkers-ny/ and here’s a directory page that we created, which visitors can select which listing to go to: http://perlmutterproperties.com/ny-listings/

And here’s a report that we posted to our company blog which features selected listings: http://perlmutterproperties.com/blog/

I look forward to speaking with you.