by Julia Perlmutter

Brokerage Marketing Tips and Tricks from QuantumListing

QuantumListing includes many features in your Premium Membership to help market your listings. You and your team should get to know them so you can quickly and easily add them to your marketing plan and reach more prospects and generate more leads.

Read through the features below and implement the ones that resonate with you. You will be taking another step toward improving your commercial real estate marketing success.

Enterprise Profiles

If you have multiple agents from the same company, you can sign in with a single log-in and manage all your listings from one account. In order to do this, all you need to do is create an Enterprise account and then add an Agent for each broker with listings. 

An image of the left hand sidebar menu from your profile page, highlighting the Enterprise sub-menu.

With an Enterprise account, your Marketing Director can manage everyone’s listings. When you add a Manger to your enterprise account, they can take care of all the administrative work on the listings. 

Normally, QuantumListing is $89.99/year per agent and we take pride in the fact that QuantumListing does not break your budget.  We cap the enterprise cost for an office at $999.99/year. That means if you have 15 agents, it is only $66.66 per year per agent!



A great social feature is our Networks. After you join QuantumListing we add you to a state Network based on your location. However, we can also create smaller Networks based specifically on your brokerage. An image showing the Enterprise dashboard control panel


This is a great way for you to see all your company’s listings in one area. From here, you can also follow other members from your brokerage and can even send them chats! See below for more details on those aforementioned features. 


Group Chats

As mentioned, QuantumListing has a chat feature. You can send your colleagues chat messages in an instant-message fashion. This is similar to Slack or other messaging apps within teams and is included in your Premium Membership. 

Chat messages can be one-on-one or group chats. Group chats could be small and just consist of your team or they could be your entire company.  

This shows the chat bubble lit up green, indicating there is a message waiting.

If you are looking to find others to chat with, you can look at your company Network as mentioned above.  You can also send a message to your company’s Group Chat which would consist of everyone from your company who is a registered member. You can also break out into one-on-one chats from here too.


Follow Feature

There are multiple ways to follow other members. If you are looking for other members from your company, try searching for them at the top of any QuantumListing page. First, select the head and shoulders avatar next to the search magnifying glass, then type the name of your colleague. If you don’t want to search by an individual user, try typing in your company’s email domain and you should see all the email addresses that match what you type. 

Another way to follow other members is to look in your company’s Network or Group. Once you select a user, it will bring you to their profile where you should see a green Follow button. Once you click that, all of those users’ listings will show up in the Stream on your profile under Social. 

Click here to learn how to follow other users. 


Profile Sharing via Social Media and Email

Once you have your company’s network or Enterprise account created, you can easily share all of your company’s listings to social networking sites with the click of a few buttons. You can also share individual listings or you can share them all at once. In addition to social media, you can blast out your listings via email to your target audience by typing in the email addresses you wish to target or uploading a CSV or XLS file. 

When you use our social media and email sharing features, you’ll discover that content creation does not have to be difficult and time consuming. Reach your potential customers with a few clicks, a subject line, and a brief description.

This shows the different ways to share your profile or listing



Several companies enjoy taking advantage of our iFrame feature, which uses a snippet of code to embed your QuantumListing profile within the framework of your company or personal website. This creates a live page of your listings directly from QuantumListing. As soon as you update the listings on our site, they are updated on your site. Several small to mid-size companies use this feature, which is included in Premium Membership. 


Brand Promotion

Another great way to get more exposure for your company’s listings on our site is to use brand promotion to feature your ad at the top of listings in your market. When people click on this ad, it will then redirect them to your profile page with all of your listings as well as your contact info, bio, logo, social media, and website. 

Make sure to add these assets to your profile if you haven’t already. Not only is it helpful for users searching your listings but it increases your searchability on Google and other search engines and thus enhances brand awareness in the marketplace. This is a great tool for tenant reps to add to their marketing strategy as well.  

This shows a typical brand promotion ad.

Take advantage of these marketing tips and tools so that you get more views of your profile and listings. Be consistent with your use of them to get the best results. More leads and deals are just a click or two away.