by Ben Perlmutter

An “Experiential” QuantumListing Experience

Technology at its core exists to replace human work with that of machines. Automating and streamlining processes, driving costs down, increasing speed and efficiency.

The industrial revolution let comparatively few factory workers replace scores of artisans while driving down prices and increasing production capacity.  Email and SMS have all but replaced letters for our written communication, meaning fewer mailmen and response times that are orders of magnitude quicker.

And a platform like QuantumListing replaces the need for sending out hundreds of emails and sifting through all kinds of irrelevant info to find what’s useful for you and your business.

We Still Need the Human Component

Yet, while all this technology is great for streamlining our workflow and making our life more efficient, it often makes us lose something important: the human component.

While basically all the information that has ever been created is sitting at our fingertips for free on the internet, we still send our kids to school. They need the direction and motivation that only a teacher can provide, not to mention learning how to socialize while interacting with their peers.

Just having the information isn’t enough, we need a real human being to guide us through the experience.

We’ve recently seen the rise of “experiential retail,” mirroring this trend. Now you can buy just about anything on the internet, and probably have it delivered within 2-3 days for free, if not sooner. This has struck a blow to brick-and-mortar retail, with the closure of Sears, the 132-year-old former-largest retailer in America, being the most prominent recent example of this trend.

To get people in the store, retailers have taken to building experiences for their customers. Every brand does it different—a big part of what makes an experience worthwhile is its uniqueness. Apple Stores are pioneers in experiential retail, with their sleek futuristic design, “Geniuses” to help you with technical difficulties and answer all your questions, and of course all the Apple products lying around for you to play with. And there are further examples galore.

Making A More “Experiental” QuantumListing Experience

While we have designed QuantumListing to provide an intuitive user experience and have built a robust How It Works section to teach you all the inner workings of QuantumListing, we wanted to provide our users with a more “experiential” option as well.

That’s why we’ve recently been pushing two new features: Webinars and Demos.

In our webinars, we do a live cast of how to use an area of QuantumListing. To learn about new webinars, click HERE and we’ll email you each time we have a webinar. If you follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, keep an eye out for webinar announcements there, as well.

You might have also recently noticed a big green button that says “Schedule A Demo” on the right side of the menu bar at the top of your profile. When you click it, you’re directed to a page where you can schedule a personal QuantumListing demo about a topic of your choosing with a QuantumListing team member.

Demo topics include the 15 Minute Profile Tune-up, the 60-minute Master Class, and a Live Question Period every Friday from 4:00-5:00 PM EST, and more.

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