by Julia Perlmutter

A Tour of Your QuantumListing Profile Page

There’s a lot you can do from your QuantumListing profile and we want to make sure you know how to make the most of your profile page.

First and foremost, starting at the top left, click on the pencil and paper icon to edit your profile and add as many details as possible in order to maximize your profile and listings on Google search results. 


Check out this article to learn more information about why it is so important to add as much information as you can. 

Next, you will see the Payments and Marketing Center where you can Select Your Membership, Renew if expired, or add more time onto your account. 


Below the membership center is a button to  “Invite a Friend” to QuantumListing. Be sure to read about our referral program and take advantage of this easy way to add more time onto your membership. Near here you can also see where you can easily share your profile along with all of your listings to social media, via email, or iFrame.

Look below the Share button to see our sidebar menu. This menu has evolved over the years and will continue to adapt as we add new features. Each tab represents a different important feature on QuantumListing, from Listings to our social features like following, Groups and Networks. The newest tab is where you can utilize our new feature, in which you can post your commercial real estate Wants. The Info menu contains a variety of information like Analytics, Leads and Syndications, as well as many others.

All of the aforementioned features are great, but we know what you’re thinking. You’re a listing site, so how do I get my listings up? Don’t fret, it’s easy. Click Listings and then click the green Plus button. From there, it is very easy to Add a Listing but be sure to check out this article or reach out to us with any questions. Once your listings are added, it is very easy to search your listings by asset class, trade, or price right from your profile page. 

We also have great opportunities for you to get your listings more exposure with our Marketing Center using our On Demand Advertising Features. Click on the Graph button next to the Plus button to take advantage of our Listing Promotion, Brand Promotion, or Advertisement on the Google Display Network. 

By the way, anytime that you want to return to your profile page, you can do so by clicking the avatar in the top right corner shaped with a head and shoulders. 

To make things easy and interactive for you, we decided to make a virtual tour for you to get a hands on experience and dive into each of these different sections of your Profile Page. Be sure to get to know each section in order to make your QuantumListing experience as successful as possible. Click below to take an interactive tour of your Profile Page.