by Ben Perlmutter

A Quantum Lister Profile: Rick Recckio of Recckio Real Estate and Development

Rick Recckio of Recckio Real Estate and Development is the next broker we’re featuring in our Quantum Lister profile series, in which we’re taking a look at some of QuantumListing’s users.

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Rick has developed an expertise for CRE in his almost 30 years of industry experience in Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania. He currently serves as a broker at Recckio Real Estate & Development, where he has worked since 1995. Recckio Real Estate & Development provides a full line of real estate services for buyers, sellers, and landlords.

Below you may find a lightly edited version of his interview.

How long have you been in CRE?
Since January 1, 1990

What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in the industry during that time?
Technology has been and continues to be the biggest change-driver for CRE. It’s very hard to keep up with the fast-growing industry, especially since online seems to be taking over the industry. When I started in real estate, everything was about picking up a phone, and now it’s all about social media and many different digital platforms.

How many listings do you have?
I have over 100 listings personally.

How did you get so many listings?
Long hours, late nights, and weekends. By working 80 hours a week, I put in lots of hours and don’t let things slip away. I take pride in my reputation in the industry. I have many years of personal, hands-on experience. I have been known to follow up with the same client for over two years until they sign an exclusive and end up with a positive result.

What tech tools do you use to manage all the listings?
Technology is always changing and improving. We are doing our best to keep up with everything available and get our listings on all of the sources out there.  LoopNet, Buildout, QuantumListing, multiple listing services, and Facebook are just a few of over 20 technological tools we use to market and manage our properties.

What other technology do you use to manage your business?
We are very old school in the sense that we like everything on paper. We track everything in files and folders and have yet to rely on technology to fully run our business.

How does QuantumListing fit into your technological toolkit?
QuantumListing is a great source to keep our properties organized. It’s the best option out there, with a great layout, fantastic customer service, an economical price that can work for all brokerages. Now that they have linked up with Buildout, it’s very easy to keep our properties up to date on their site, as well as our own website.

What are your favorite QuantumListing features?
Mapping, property description, photos, and the general layout.

How do you see technology changing CRE?
Technology has already changed CRE so much! Technology is a large part of commercial real estate these days. Social media is a big marketing tool for real estate now. Emails cut back on phone usage and some meetings. It’s important to have a good, organized, and responsive online platform, like QuantumListing, to help navigate the modern CRE environment without frustration.

What other emerging trends do you see in CRE? In your market? In your region? Nationally?
Many physical retail spaces out there are having more vacancies due to the power of online retail. This younger generation likes to do things online, and it’s becoming more apparent that online needs to be a bigger focus.


Did you like Rick’s interview and do you want to see his listings? You can check out his profile below. If you want to contact him, you can shoot him an email at [email protected].