by David Perlmutter

A Missed Lead Is A Lost Opportunity

We are really excited about QuantumListing’s new lead capture feature. Rather than just tell you about it, we thought it would be more helpful to give you a few scenarios on how and why your customers will use it and why you should subscribe to lead capture.


Scenario 1: The Busy CEO

You are sitting in your office in Buffalo, NY, thinking about how your lease is up in six months and you really need to move offices because the place you are in is too small. Last time you moved was 25 years ago. You ran in to your pal at the golf course, he owned a building, and you made the deal at the 19th hole. Well, he retired early, sold his building, and moved to Florida. So, he’s not going to be any help this time.

You stare into space for a few minutes, racking your brain trying to think about the best way to proceed. You could hang out at the golf course hoping to run into someone else you know who has an office building. That would be fun, but not too efficient. You could hop into your car and start driving around looking for leasing signs, but that is neither fun nor efficient. You look down and put your hands on your computer keyboard and start to search.

The first site you land on has a lot of listings, but you can’t see three quarters of them because you need some kind of expensive membership to see them. The next website you visit is for an international company that offers individual offices with shared services in its space. It looks great, but is not for you. Definitely over your budget. Then, you click onto a site that lets you search all of its members’ listings for free. You’ve found

You click and arrive at the landing page and see a big search box that says “Search all our users’ listings for free” above it. Then, just below that search box, you notice another that says “Submit a search request to be forwarded to a professional in your market.”  You think to yourself, “Can it be that easy?” You decide to give it a try. There are two boxes to fill out, one asking for the asset type, the other for the trade type.

You click on the first one and a drop down menu appears, you select Office and then click on Lease under Trade Type. So far, so good. You hit Continue because you want to see what happens next. A window opens up and you see that the system has prefilled the asset and trade types, but you need to enter some more information. You add the minimum and maximum square feet that would work for you, the date you need the space, your ideal lease term, and add a few details about what you would like the space to have. You finish off the form by adding your name, email address and phone number. You check the box that says your information can be shared with a professional, thinking that this website actually respects your privacy. When you click the button to submit your request, you then get an acknowledgement that your request has been successfully submitted.

A notification appears on your computer saying that you have an email from QuantumListing. You click on it and see that it is a confirmation about the information you just added, and tells you that you’ll get a weekly update. As you are finishing that, your phone rings and it is an agent with Recckio Real Estate. You recognize the name because they have signs all over town. You chat a little, and make plans to go out the following week to look at space.


Scenario 2: The Self Starter

You are a millennial entrepreneur with a start-up. You like to do things on your own until you hit the limits of your knowledge. Then, you Google what you don’t know or watch a YouTube video. After that effort, if you still need help, you reach out to an expert. You are looking for your first office space . You start searching online and end up clicking on a listing. It’s a cool old building on Niagara Street. You are reading all the details, and are about to click on the button that says “CLICK HERE FOR HELP WITH YOUR SEARCH,”  when you get a pop up asking: Do you want more info on this property or need help with your search? It has the address of the listing already added, so you fill out the remaining few blanks in the form, and submit your request. You know what happens next, right?


Scenario 3: Won’t you please, please help me?

It’s Saturday morning. You’ve been swamped at the office and have put off dealing with your space search for as long as you can. But, the clock is ticking and you need to find space NOW. You start your online search and you are listening to the Beatles Channel on SiriusXM. The DJ queues up Help. You remember seeing a sign in a former bank building on Bailey Avenue, but can’t remember who the broker is. You Google it, click on the link, but get a little overwhelmed. You want to go to your daughter’s soccer game, you need to get to the gym, you told your husband you would help him with the grocery shopping. Taking a  cue from the DJ, you click on the button that says CLICK HERE FOR HELP WITH YOUR SEARCH. After filling out the requested information, you sit back and smile, knowing that you’ve just made your life a little easier, and start humming along to Penny Lane.


A Missed Lead Is a Lost Opportunity

Recckio Real Estate got those leads because they use QuantumListing’s Lead Capture service. Not only does he work hard, he works smart. Recckio Real Estate was among the first to sign up for Lead Capture. Rick Recckio is still going to work hard, that’s just who he is. But now, he can rest assured that his listings are working for him as hard as everything  else in his organization does, To learn how you can maximize your opportunity to capture more leads like Rick Recckio has, click here to Read more about Lead Capture.


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