by David Perlmutter


QuantumListing is always improving. That improvement means new features (all included with the price of your membership). As the number of features available to our users grew, the sidebar menu on the left side of your Profile started getting longer. In keeping with our desire to give our users a nice, clean interface, we reorganized it into six headings, depending on whether you are an Individual or Enterprise user.

We’ll walk you through them one at a time.


Here’s what the new sidebar looks like before you click on any of the headings.


Listings – Shows your active listings

Listing Archives – Shows your leased, sold, and expired listings that you've added to the archive. We encourage you to add these listings to your archive instead of deleting them so you can 1) reactivate them if necessary, 2) reference any private notes (see below) you've made, have a handy way to look back at the deals you've closed.

Saved Listings – Shows the listings you’ve saved to favorites by clicking on the ribbon at the top of a listing card or on the gray stripe on the right side of a listing detail page.



This menu option only shows up on Enterprise users profile page.

Managers- Clicking on this option will let you add, edit or delete the managers the admin wants to help with the workflow

Agents – Clicking on this option will let you add, edit or delete your company’s agents, and see their listing cards. Clicking on a listing detail card here will let you edit, delete, archive or unpublish that listing.



My Networks - Clicking on My Networks will show you the Network(s) to which you already belong and select additional networks for which you can request membership.

Network Listings – Selecting this option shows you the listings in your network. If you belong to more than one network, you can select which network’s listings you want to view. You can also filter listings by title, asset type, trade type, oldest/newest, newest/oldest and price high/low or low/high.

Network News – Selecting this option shows you the latest actions that were taken by members of your network(s). You can select which network you want to view. Clicking on the listing action will take you to the particular listing that was changed. Clicking on the agent name will take you to that user’s profile page.



Groups are the newest suite of features added to QuantumListing. We’d like to get your feedback on it and how we can make it better. We are working on adding a chat function to groups.

Feeds – This shows the latest members added to your group.

Group members – Selecting this will show you the profile cards of your fellow group members. Clicking on their profile card will bring you to their profile page.

Group listings – Clicking this link will bring you to a page that has all of your group listings, and it allows you to sort and search them.



Followers – Clicking on Followers will let you see which other QuantumListing members you’ve followed and click on their name to go to their Profile page.

Following – Selecting this option shows you who is following you and if you click on their name, you can see their Profile page.

Stream – Clicking on your Stream will show you the listings of those members you are following, with the newest listings appearing at the top of the Stream. You can search by listing title or location.



Analytics – Clicking here will give you real time cumulative measurements of views and shares for your profile, agents (for Enterprise Accounts), and listings, as well as PDF downloads and Exports. You can select time periods including a week, a month, or all time for each metric. For shares, you can also drill down to see the numbers by email and social media type.

Notes – This is where you can find the private notes that you’ve made on your own and others’ listings.

Comparable Data – This link shows the comps you have added to our new comparable database. Once there are sufficient comps in the database, we will open it up as a research too.

Syndication Channels – This link will show you the syndication channels that you are connected to. Buildout is our first syndication partner. If you are a Buildout user, you can share your listings to QuantumListing. We are currently working on additional syndication partnerships.