by QuantumListing Team

9 Ways to Stay Connected on QuantumListing

1. Participate in Virtual Lunch.

Because so many of us are working remotely right now, we wanted to create a way to stay connected. Lunch is one of the best times to do so, which is why we created the page Anyone is welcome to join virtual lunch and we hope it is a great resource for you to connect and network with others. Click below to pick a day and time (we are okay with Virtual Coffee too)! 


2. Join One of Our Weekly Webinars.

For the last 2 years, we have held a webinar nearly every Wednesday at 3pm ET. Click to sign up for an upcoming webinar or check out past webinars.  We cover a variety of topics in our webinars and each one is sponsored by The News Funnel.

Many webinars feature guest speakers, covering topics important to the commercial real estate industry such as marketing, social media, and lead generation. Other times we’ve had authors talk about best practices for the workplace. And, we sometimes use webinars to review new QuantumListing features and how to get the most out of our website. For more past webinars, check out the Index from last year.


3. Post Your Listings on Social Media.

Our motto is “Search for free, Post for less, Share Everywhere” for a reason. When we say everywhere, that includes social media. Click to learn how you can share your listings to social media in less than 60 seconds. 

We especially recommend that you periodically share your QuantumListing profile to your LinkedIn page. This marketing strategy takes less than a minute and gets your listings in front of not only your contacts, but, with the right hashtags, the world’s largest commercial real estate network.


4. Follow Other QuantumListing Members

As you can see, we believe in the power of social networking, so much that we’ve baked a few social features into our listing platform. Not only can you share your listings to social media easily, you can also create your own stream by following members. This allows you to customize the listings that you see based on who you follow. Click to learn how to follow other users in your network. 


5. Chat with Other QuantumListing Members.

In addition to following other users, you can also chat with them in an instant message fashion. Click to learn how to check your messages. If you don’t have a message yet, start a conversation with someone in your group. In addition to peer to peer messaging, you can send a message to everyone in your group.


6. Post in your State Wants Group

You can let people know what you are looking for by posting in your state Wants group. This is also a great place to share what you have for sale or lease with other professionals in your state. Click here to learn more about your Groups. 


7. Utilize our Network Email Blasts.

Another way to connect with people in your geographic area is by taking advantage of our Network Email Blasts. Click to learn more and see how you can send out your listing to other users in your state.


8. Schedule a Demo

We love spending time with our current and prospective users, whether it is in person, on the phone or in an online demo. If you want to learn more about QuantumListing, schedule a demo by clicking HERE. We especially encourage you to schedule one of the longer demos and can make you the presenter, so that your hands are on the keyboard as we go through QuantumListing’s features. We are also happy to do a 15 minute Q&A as well. 


9. Invite Your Colleagues

There are two easy ways to invite your colleagues to join you on QuantumListing. From your profile page, look for the   link and click on it. Fill out the short form in the pop up and click send. 

Alternatively, you can invite a friend to join QuantumListing and automatically become a part of your Group. Watch the video below to learn more about.