by QuantumListing Team

9 Ways to Get Leads Using QuantumListing

For commercial real estate landlord representatives, getting leads is paramount. How can you get more leads from QuantumListing?

When it comes to listing sites, we know there is one thing that is most important to listing brokers, and that is leads. Here are nine ways that you can use QuantumListing to gain more leads and give your listings the traction they deserve. 

Read on to learn more about these features and how our website will help your commercial real estate practice thrive.

1. Create a profile and add listings

This might sound obvious, but you can’t get leads on your listings until you add them to our site. If you’ve never created a profile on QuantumListing, you can do so by clicking here. We recommend you sign up as an Individual or Enterprise member so that you can add listings. You will get the first 30 days free and after that it is just $89.99 per year for unlimited listings. Once you are logged in add Listings by simply clicking on the Listings tab on the left hand submenu and then click the Green plus button in the top right corner. Adding listings should be intuitive but if you have any questions or need any help, you can refer to this article or reach out to our support team and we will be happy to assist you.

2. Good images, title, description

When you add your listings, it is vital that you add good high quality images. Additionally, your listing title should reflect what your ideal customer would type into a search engine. For more advice on how to craft a listing title with your potential leads in mind, click here to learn more about long tail keywords. In addition to creating a strong listing title, we recommend that you have a detailed description with key phrases and commercial real estate terminology. All of this content will be crucial for the indexability of your listing on search engines, which will ultimately give you the leads you are looking for!

3. Share to social media (search for free, etc tag line)

QuantumListing’s tagline is search for free, post for less, share everywhere. The last part, “Share Everywhere” means that you can share all of your listings seamlessly to any popular social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn...sorry, no TikTok yet!). It is very easy to share your listing and QuantumListing profile to social media platforms. When you are on a listing detail page, you can look for the red share button and then go ahead and share it to whichever site you prefer. You can also share your entire profile to social media from your Profile Page by clicking the share button below your contact information. 

4. Share in Group Haves and Wants

Every QuantumListing user is assigned to a state Haves and Wants group based on their geographic area. You can also join any state group that you would like. Once you are in a group, you can increase your listing views and ultimately leads by entering the group chat and sending a link to your listing to all of the other members. The group members will receive a QuantumListing notification about your listing on their profile page plus they will get an email later in the day notifying them about the new message. 

5. Promote listings

QuantumListing’s On Demand Marketing Center is one of the best ways to increase your listing exposure and get more leads. One of the simplest ways to do this is by promoting your listing to the top of searches in your market. This brings your listing above all other listings in the search results for your geographic area, automatically giving you an advantage and driving traffic to your listing. Better yet, it only costs $7.50 per month to promote a listing!

6. Brand Promotion

Similar to Listing Promotion, you can also promote your personal or company brand to the top of searches in your geographic market. When people click on your brand ad, it will bring the user to your profile page that includes your contact information, bio, website link, and all of your listings. This is especially important because it establishes you as the point of contact in your particular market so that people become familiar with your brand and know they can reach out when they need help in your area.

7. Online advertisement

Another popular feature included in the Marketing Center is Online Advertisement, which includes our integration with the Google Display Network. When you choose to run an ad with us through Google, your listing will get tens of thousands of views in the market of your choosing. This gives your listings exposure that it otherwise would not achieve and brings you a wider audience to find the quality leads that you are looking for. 

8. Send an email blast

Through QuantumListing, you can send a mass email through our platform by clicking the share button and then uploading a CSV, XLS, or XLSX file with one column of email addresses. This is included with membership. Additionally, QuantumListing has its own email blast feature that uses our network to send your listing to a larger audience. This is part of our Marketing Center but all Premium Members get one free blast!

9. Use an iFrame (includes a lead template directly on page)

All QuantumListing users can send their listings and profile to their own personal website or blog by copying the snippet of code created by the iFrame feature. When you are on a listing, simply click share and then navigate to the two carrots that represent your iFrame (< >). Once you share your listings to your website, visitors will be able to easily request more information through our site by clicking the Contact the Agent buttons on every listing page. Then, you will receive a lead via email and on your QuantumListing notification center!

These are our 9 most recommended methods to gain more exposure and garner more leads using QuantumListing. We are always adding more features to our site so if there is something you do not see available, please reach out to us and let us know so that we can work to implement it and ensure our site is as high quality as possible. 

No Registration or Paywall

Please know that all website visitors can submit a lead on your listing, regardless of whether or not they are a member because there is no paywall or registration wall. With that being said, we highly recommend that you ask any leads to let you know where they saw your listing so that you can track your lead sources. 

All website visitors to QuantumListing can access your contact information including your phone number and email address without having to submit any lead or register. This is intended to create the smoothest process possible for your future buyer or tenant to get in touch with you and begin to foster the deal.

We hope you implement all or some of these tactics soon to increase the leads you get from QuantumListing. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or schedule a demo by clicking HERE.