by Julia Perlmutter

8 Reasons to Schedule a Demo with QuantumListing

Scheduling a demo is the best way to learn our listing platform, get to know our team, and use QuantumListing to your greatest advantage in order to maximize your listing exposure and smoothly search our member’s listings.

QuantumListing is more than a commercial real estate listing service. We are a community of people working together to improve the industry. Our favorite part of each week is getting to know our members better through QuantumListing demos (webinars, too, of course)! We look forward to you scheduling a demo with us.

 Here are some of the many benefits and reasons to participate in a QuantumListing demo. 


1. It’s About You

First and foremost, QuantumListing demos are about you. We enjoy getting to know you and your commercial real estate practice. While there are a variety of ways that we can show you the site, we prefer to tailor our web meetings to your personal preferences.. That way you get what you want out of it. Everyone is on their own commercial real estate journey so we prefer to meet you where you are. Most importantly, we enjoy getting to know you, understanding your background, and learning about your current work and goals.

2. Walking through your Profile

QuantumListing demos are the best way to learn the multitude of features on your QuantumListing profile page. The profile page’s menu includes Listings, Wants, Networks, Groups, Social (this means your Followers and those you are Following), and Info (which includes Analytics, Notes, Comparable Data, Leads, and more). The Profile Page also includes a Marketing Center, Chat functionality, Notification Center, and the ability to share to social media in just a few clicks. One of the most important parts of the Profile Page is the large amount of information that one can add in order to enhance their profile.  

3. Profile Enhancement

Adding as much content as possible to your Profile is important for a number of reasons. When QuantumListing members and website visitors click on your listing, they can easily access your QuantumListing profile by clicking on your name from the listing page. 

The more content that you have on your Profile page, the better that your prospective buyer will understand what you do and trust that you are the right person to contact. In today’s competitive world, building your personal brand is not only recommended, It’s a necessity

One of the other most important reasons to add this information is because of search engine optimization. The more content that you add, the better that your profile will rank in Google Searches. It only takes a few minutes to add your profile picture, company logo, bio, website, and social media links.  Simply adding this information increases your Profile views and as a result correlates with increased listing views, clicks, and leads. 

Note: There is also a virtual tour that walks you through the basics of your Profile page, but we’d still love to show you around on a web meeting!

4. Learn How To Search

QuantumListing is a two-sided marketplace. Not only do our members post listings but they also are always searching for commercial real estate. On a QuantumListing demo, we will show you how to search your market and get in touch with the right commercial real estate professionals. We will even show you how to post a commercial real estate “Want, so that your perfect space is described in our marketplace. This means not only can you reach out to the listing agent, but that they can reach out to you!

5. Virtual Lunch

Back when the pandemic started, QuantumListing founder David Perlmutter started the website When you click on that link, it brings you to our demo page and you can schedule lunch with our team (or coffee, tea, or whatever works for you). Though the virtual world that we’ve been forced to live in inspired the idea for virtual lunch, we’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, Virtual Lunch is here to stay!

6. Make your Ideas Known

One of the best parts about the QuantumListing community is that our members help us create new features. On a weekly basis, we have discussions with users who provide feedback and tell us what they like and what they think could be even better. Once we talk to our members, we then brainstorm with our tech team, who then helps put these ideas into action. It is always great when we get to report back to one of our members and tell them that their suggestion is now a reality! Demos are a great space to foster these types of conversations.

7. Goodies

QuantumListing’s Marketing Center is full of different ways to increase your listing exposure with low-cost and à la carte options. From Listing Promotion to Brand Promotion, Email Blasts, and more, these features allow you to be front and center in your marketplace. When you participate in a QuantumListing demo, we love rewarding you and we are known to give out goodies as a token of appreciation for the time spent with us. 

8. QuantumLister Series

Last but not least, the QuantumLister Profile series is one of our favorite parts of our blog. Each post highlights one of our members by having them provide insight on the industry, tech products, and their favorite part of our site. The majority of the members highlighted in this blog series originated from a conversation in a QuantumListing demo. Not only does the demo help them to understand how to best utilize our site for their commercial practice, but it also ignites conversations and connections so that our members understand they are a valued and integral part of our growing community. 

We appreciate you all and look forward to conversing with you on a QuantumListing demo! There are a variety of options, so click the one that best suits your needs. See you soon. 

Click here to schedule your QuantumListing demo. If you sign up this week, we would love to give you a free month of brand promotion.