by Guest Post: Buildout

7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Online Listings with Buildout

QuantumListing and Buildout go together like Good and Plenty or Mac and Cheese. Today's blog is a guest post by Buildout's team.

If you’re using a site like QuantumListing, you already know the importance of getting exposure for your listings. But visibility isn’t always the same as attention—the way you present your listing can make all the difference in capturing a lead.

Follow these tips for essential elements you can include in your listing presentation to turn looks into leads.

1. Present accurate and detailed property data

You always want a listing’s big-ticket items, like total square footage or listing price, to be readily available, but your prospects may want to go deeper on specific asset class details before reaching out. When adding and editing listings in Buildout, selecting your property type and subtype updates the edit form to show additional fields specific to your selection.

It’s also important that your information is up-to-date and consistent across every place you’re showcasing your listing to avoid any confusion. You don’t want someone coming across your listing and seeing two different prices or outdated photos.

With Buildout, all your listing materials pull from one centralized source and update automatically whenever you save a change. That includes QuantumListing and other connected listing site posts—so you never have to manually update the same data in multiple locations again.

2. Tell a story with your listing descriptions

Descriptions are industry staples but often repeat information already showcased in property highlights or lists of amenities.

Keep your listing descriptions unique, concise, and enticing. Write separate descriptions for the property itself and the location when applicable so you can focus your storytelling and avoid repeating information (in Buildout, we have separate fields for each of these description types).

Your property data will speak for itself, but descriptions are your chance to focus on what makes a listing special. What connects it to its surrounding area? How does it stand out? When you tell a compelling story you can make your prospects want to be the main characters.

3. The more photos the better

In order to give a full sense of your listing, work to collect high-quality, vibrant, and sharp photos of both the interior and exterior of your space.

Focus on the best of what your space has to offer, but also be sure to include photos that give a sense of scope and layout. You should have at least 5 photos in your materials, but aim for 8–10 to really highlight the details of your listing.

You can sync as many photos as you want from your Buildout listing to QuantumListing—just be sure to confirm you have the copyright to use them.

4. Show the lay of the land with floor and site plans

Another visual element that should be a staple of your listing presentations: site plans. Use plans to give a clear layout of your property and/or to provide details on tenants or nearby occupants.

When you add floor or site plans to Buildout, you can use Buildout’s plan editor to draw custom spaces and link your lease space directly to make maintaining data simple. Plans created in Buildout can also be shared in individual property websites and docs created with Buildout.

5. Use retailer maps to explore the surrounding area

Retailer maps are one of the strongest components in a CRE broker’s toolbox. When done well, your prospects can see at a glance the exact benefits the location of your listing can provide. But the work that goes into building a high-quality retailer map can be tedious and extremely manual. 

Buildout’s map editor uses a Google integration to automatically map nearby retailers, saves logos you add for constant reuse, and has tools for grouping logos together and editing custom elements to your map. When you save time building your map, you can focus on what’s important to include instead.


6. Create compelling listing brochures

The best way to present your listing is by creating a well-designed brochure that shows off the best of what your property has to offer and the power of your brokerage’s brand.

With a brochure, you can include descriptions and highlights, photos, site plans, retailer maps, and more. They’re perfect, compact arguments for your listing.

Buildout’s automatic document generation uses the same property data that syncs to your QuantumListing post and creates beautifully branded brochures instantly. Your Buildout docs can be included on QuantumListing and are optimized for downloading and sharing.


7. Send mass email marketing campaigns

To get your property in front of even more potential buyers or tenants, consider sending a targeted email campaign to your existing email lists.

You know your contacts’ interests and email is a great way to appeal to them. You could feature your property on its own in a listing, or combine it with similar listings you’re representing they may not have seen yet.

If you use Buildout to create your email campaigns, you can integrate with your existing email provider and use the photos and property information you’ve already entered to avoid any manual duplication. Buildout’s mobile-responsive email templates include dynamic configuration options and have been tested for delivery success across 37 different inbox types.

Interested in other ways you can use Buildout to promote your listings? See a full breakdown of all the marketing tools in Buildout’s core software.