by Ben Perlmutter

4 More Ways to Make the Most of your QuantumListing Membership

Last week, we published the article 8 Ways to Make the Most of your QuantumListing Membership. Check it out if you haven’t already!

We wanted to continue with some more ways for you to make the most of your QuantumListing experience.

Read below about 4 more ways to improve your QuantumListing membership.

  1. Share your QuantumListing profile to LinkedIn: As the largest business network in the world, LinkedIn is a valuable place to share your QuantumListing profile. You’re already connected with those in your professional network on LinkedIn. By adding your QuantumListing profile to LinkedIn, you are creating yet another opportunity for your listings to get more exposure in relevant communities.  
  2. Invite one or more colleagues to join QuantumListing: The more users that are on QuantumListing, the more powerful the network becomes. You can read about these “network effects” here. It’s easy to invite new members, and they get a 3 month free trial, so they have nothing to lose by trying it out!  
  3. Connect your account to  When you connect your QuantumListing profile to LDCRE, you can syndicate your listings to their network of over 500 local news sites. Once you connect your accounts, your listings on QuantumListing will automatically go to local news sites that LDCRE partners with, giving you a great additional source of exposure with minimal effort! Your listings also go to the LDCRE site,, giving you yet another place for your listings. 
  4. Add an iFrame to your website or blog: Another awesome and easy way to get your QuantumListing profile more exposure is to add an iFrame to your website or blog. You just copy the QuantumListing iFrame code, add it to the backend of another website, publish it, and BANG—there’s your QuantumListing profile, updating in real-time to reflect whatever changes you make on the QuantumListing site. This may sound a little technical and complicated, but it’s really pretty easy! Check out the link in the title of this section to learn more.

If you have any other QuantumListing features you love that you think our other users should know about, let us know in the comments!