by David Perlmutter

2nd Annual DisruptCRE NYC Event

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 6.15.21 PMOn March 31st, David and I attended the 2nd Annual DisruptCRE NYC, at 28 Liberty Plaza (formerly known as One Chase Manhattan Plaza). For those who are unfamiliar with DisruptCRE, their goal is to “be a catalyst of change by merging the built environment with technological innovation. Our presenters explore how technology is facilitating the changes in the future of investing, developing, managing, leasing, buying, selling, & financing commercial properties.” DisruptCRE gives technology start ups a platform to network with attendees - comprised of architects, investors, PR & marketing firms, entrepreneurs, and others experienced minds within the industry. The 2nd Annual DisruptCRE NYC, was put together by DisruptCRE’s Co-Founder & CEO, Mariel Ebrahimi. Ebrahimi & Disrupt brought together a great group of panelists and exhibitors, and nearly doubled the size of the inaugural convention.

As part of the event, there are three separate panels that focused on: The “State of CREtech: The Executives POV”, “BuildingTech: Driving a New Tenant Experience”, and “Tech Tools: New Products & Services Transforming Today’s CRE Professional.” The panels included many innovative individuals, each of them having been a part of a successful technology start-up or currently working as creative strategists for well known organizations in the field.
Included among the 15 notable panelists:

Hussain “Hoss” Ali-Khan, Director of Strategy - CBRE

Adam L. Stanley, Global CIO - Cushman & Wakefield

Jordan Nof, Head of Investments - Tusk Ventures
 In-between panelists, David and I spent the rest of our day speaking with other exhibitors and attendees. It was a unique opportunity to learn about other companies - each in different stages of their business. The schedule granted us some time to exchange anecdotes with other “Disruptors”, many of whom shared stories of the growing pains that you go through when building a tech start-up from the ground up. Although we learned a lot about other companies in the field, the event also allowed the “disruptors” to pitch their brand to possible investors and the aforementioned panelists.
Many attendees were fascinated by the idea of our app, and we were able to receive constructive criticism from individuals who have built their own brands. After listening to a number of the attendees’ recommendations, we now have a clearer idea of what we must work on to ensure that QuantumListing is as user-friendly as possible. With CRE tech start-ups now growing at an exponential rate, it is exciting to be part of a movement in an industry that has been notoriously lacking technological tools and resources.
If you are interested in attending a Disrupt event - or want to learn more about DisruptCRE’s mission - check out their website here!
We would once again like to thank Mariel Ebrahimi for hosting us, and putting together such a wonderful day.