by David Perlmutter

2017 March Madness Viewing Technology Poll

2017 March Madness begins today and we decided to run the same poll on March Madness viewing technology. You can see the post on last year's results HERE. We started the poll last night and boosted it, so we have 221 votes at the time of this writing, whereas last year we had a total of 43 votes for the entire poll. Last year, smartphones led the results followed by TVs, computers and tablets. So far this year, TV is leading smartphones, but it is probably within the margin of error in polling and possibly related to sample size.
I feel that the large number of people that watch on their smartphone validates our mobile-first philosophy. I find it interesting that tablets have not really gained more traction than they have. Wifi is fairly ubiquitous. Do people scruple against using the office wifi for March Madness, and use their smartphone data plan instead? Or maybe it is just that there is an 8 to 1 ownership ratio of phones to tablets. Whatever the answer to these questions, mobile solutions and mobile responsiveness are no longer optional, they are mandatory.
We'll update this with the results next week after the poll is over. It runs through Sunday night, March 19th. If you have a Twitter account, please take the poll now. If you don't get one! And if you are a luddite, or have a different answer than one of our four choices, you can always submit your answer in the comments.


***UPDATE 3-26-17*** This year, as you can see above, televisions edged out smartphones as the preferred choice for viewing March Madness while at the office by a margin of 43% to 39%. Computers came in third with 12% and tablets a mere 6%. Perhaps the novelty of watching on your phone has worn off and people's preference for a larger screen answers why tv was this year's champion. Or perhaps it was just a larger sample size that was responsible. We'll have to ask the question next year to see if we can spot a long term trend. Computers held steady from year to year at 12%, with tablets declining from 9% to 6%. I can't wait until next year to see if the results hold steady or continue to shift. As for my bracket, going into the final day of the Elite 8, I'm in 4th place, but don't expect to win given that I picked Duke as the Champion and they were knocked out last week. Ah well, there's always next year!