Top 10 QuantumListing Blog Posts of 2016

 28th December 2016    David_Perlmutter

img_2202As the year wanes, it is time to look back at the Top 10 QuantumListing Blog Posts of 2016. As a former economics major (ok, economics concentrator, I went to Brown University), I want to bring to your attention the old maxim, there are lies, big lies, and statistics. There are lots of ways to slice data, for instance, you can look at Page Views and Unique Page Views and get two different results as to what the top ten should be. So, in the interest of full disclosure, this is a hybrid list. Additionally, the order has been randomized to protect the innocent and to mess with you. I also had a concentration in Comparative Literature, so I get to do things like that.

Top 10 Reasons Your Marketing Director Should Try QuantumListing’s Enterprise Dashboard

What Do the World Series of Poker, Real Estate and Tech Have in Common?

Lunch with Duke Long

Recent Listings from NAI Isaac in and Around Lexington Kentucky

Saturday with Howard Kline and CRE Radio and TV, Episode 2

ICSC RECon 16 Wrap Up

Introduction: My Favorite Start Up Hacks

New Ways to Share Listings

QuantumListing Hot Spot: Newark, NJ

The QuantumListing Enterprise Dashboard

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QuantumListing’s Follow and Favorite Features

 24th December 2016    David_Perlmutter

Once you become a QuantumListing member, more features are available to you. Two Members-only features that you may find helpful are the “Favorite” and “Follow” functions. These help you quickly find listings and agents that interest you from your Profile page.

From a listing detail page click the Add to Favorites button

From an agent’s profile page, click on the Follow button for easy future access to their listings.

From your own profile page, click on the appropriate link to see who you are following or go to your favorite listings.

Are you ready to take these features for a spin? You’ll need to be a member for that! Register using the form below:



 21st December 2016    David_Perlmutter


You need to be signed in to your account. If you see the Register and Sign In buttons at the top right of the screen, click on the Sign In button. Once your are signed in you will be redirected to your Profile Page.

  • If you are already signed in, you’ll see the Account button at the top right. Click on the Account button and you will go to your Profile Page.
  • Once you are on your Profile Page, click on Edit Profile.
  • You can edit the information in the boxes, including your name, phone, password and website.
  • You can add a profile picture by clicking Browse. Some users add a photo of themselves, others their company logo. Be creative!
  • In the About me section, add your corporate bio or other information about yourself. It’s well worth doing as it will make your Profile much more search engine friendly.
  • Click Update, and you’re done.
  • If you want to make further changes after you’ve hit update, just click Edit Profile again and make whatever changes you would like.

That’s it! If you have any questions or encounter any problems, email [email protected].




QuantumListing: What is it?

 17th December 2016    David_Perlmutter

Albert Einstein is reputed to have said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.” The price of listing services has reached the level of insanity. And why should your potential customers have to pay to see your listings on those services? Yet most of us keep relying on the same listing services in spite of those shortcomings. Some of your colleagues have boldly tried our new platform, QuantumListing, for their commercial real estate listings.

Have a look at what your colleagues have posted in these markets:


What is QuantumListing? It’s a mobile-first commercial real estate platform for publishing and sharing your listings. Anyone can search all of our users listings for free.

-QuantumListing works on the go, the way you do.

-Anyone can search for commercial real estate and contact listing agents and owners.

-Individual Premium Membership gives you the power to post and then share your commercial real estate listings via e mail and social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Premium Membership is just $9.99 per month, $24.99 for three months, or $79.99 for a year.

-Enterprise Premium Membership is a great way for company Marketing Directors to manage their agents and listings from a single dashboard. Enterprise Membership is $899.99 a year.

-Members can follow other members for easy access to their listings. See their most recent listings in your Stream.

-Add individual listings to your Favorites.

-You can add a PDF, photo gallery, and link to a YouTube video to your listing.

-Create your Profile with a picture and bio.

-Email your Profile page with all of your listings.

-Email individual listings.

We’re not suggesting that you get rid of your old service yet. We need more people like you to add their listings to our platform before you do that. But, if you Register now and get a three month trial Premium Membership, you’ll be be able to help put an end to listing insanity.

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The DNA of #CRE 2016

 8th December 2016    David_Perlmutter

tBL-Icon-300dpi-jpg-1Our friends at The Broker List and Buildout have put out their second annual survey, The DNA of CRE. In it, they try screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-5-49-38-pmto assess what we as a community are like. Are we specialists, or generalists when it comes to asset classes, what technology tools do we use, what kind of support do we get, how do we source our deals, etc.

The survey takes about three minutes to complete, and I’m really interested to see how this year’s results compare to last year’s! Click HERE for last year’s DNA of CRE Results. You can also watch a discussion with Howard Kline of CRE Radio & TV, Linda Day Harrison of The Broker List and Ewa Baska of Buildout by clicking HERE.


QuantumListing is the new crowd-sourced real estate listing platform for commercial real estate agents, owner and tenants