New Twitter Poll: Which of the Following Will Have the Biggest Impact on the Future?

 17th October 2016    David_Perlmutter

Calling all futurists! We’re conducting a one week Twitter Poll this week. The question is “Which of the following will have the biggest impact on the future?” And, we’re leaving the upcoming election out of this! We’d love to know what you think, so click through to the poll. Then, share it with your friends and colleagues.


Here’s our analysis from the December 2016 New York Real Estate Journal.


Email Listings with the Touch of a Button

 12th October 2016    David_Perlmutter

We just introduced a new user-friendly function on QuantumListing’s website, you can now email listings to a third party with the touch of a button from a property detail page. This should not be confused with the email button on the listing card with which you can email the listing agent to inquire about that listing. We’ll show you the difference. The picture below is of a Listing Card. You’ll find these in the Recent Properties section of the website, or in the results when you search for properties.


When you click on the email icon, the result is that your email app opens up with an email addressed to the agent, with the property title in the subject line.


The new email feature is found on the property detail page. To get there, click on the central image in the listing.


After you click the listing card, you’ll go to the Property Detail Page. Click the purple email icon below the listing image to send the listing to someone.


After you’ve clicked the button, the following window will open.



All you have to do is fill in the email address of the person or people to whom you want to send the listing, add a message if you want and hit send. However, if you are not a registered or signed in user, you’ll get this message:


Registering is free, so no worries about having to pay. With QuantumListing, you never have to pay to search all of the listings. In fact, when you first register, you’ll get a lengthy trial Premium Membership period, which allows you to post listings.

Here’s what the email that your designated recipient gets looks like:


The recipient will know it is from you because it says so in the Subject line. All they need to do to get more information on the listing is to click the big green Go To Site button.

Let us know if you have any questions. Send an email to [email protected]


Saturday with Howard Kline and CRE TV & Radio

Saturday with Howard Kline and CRE Radio & TV, Episode 8

 8th October 2016    David_Perlmutter

In Episode 8 of Saturday with Howard Kline and CRE Radio & TV, Howard talks with Neel Naicker, CEO of AMP Technologies about the impact of sensor technology on workers and the built environment. Tenant spaces will become more interactive, energy efficient, and comfortable.  Will smart buildings allow Landlords to charge more or save costs, or both? Will Tenants demand sensors to gauge how healthy an environment Landlords are providing? Will Class A buildings lead the way? Will Landlords of existing buildings be willing to invest in these technologies? The cost of sensors is low, and wireless technology will make it possible to deploy them cheaply. Howard and Neel gives us a glimpse into the future of commercial space. O brave new world!

How do you feel about your building knowing more and more about you?

QuantumListing Hot Spot: Springfield MA

 6th October 2016    David_Perlmutter

basketball-1263000_640Today’s QuantumListing Hot Spot is Springfield MA. Located at the junction of Routes 91 and 90 (the Massachusetts Turnpike) and just above Connecticut, it seems that many road trips lead through Springfield. I love driving by the Naismath Basketball Hall of Fame, with its iconic silver spherical building. And every time I drive by, I say I’m going to stop there, but have not yet. Back in the ’90s I spent some time working on the restructuring of one of the malls, so I made frequent day trips for a while. Continue reading “QuantumListing Hot Spot: Springfield MA”

Saturday with Howard Kline and CRE Radio & TV, Episode 7

 1st October 2016    David_Perlmutter

This week Howard is more auteur than interviewer. He introduces his guests Kristin Blount, Executive Vice President of Colliers International in Boston, and Jane Snoddy Smith, head of the Real Estate Group at Norton Rose Fulbright in Austin, but the episode proceeds as a conversation, rather than an interview. Howard makes a Hitchcockian appearance, but the story centers around how Jane and Kristin first met, how they bonded through working together through both personal adversity and leading the CREW Network in successive years through The Great Recession. The conversations ends on a note of triumph as they discuss the consolidation of the different real estate industry associations for women in New York, culminating in the forthcoming CREW Network Marketplace and Convention coming to New York City from October 19-22.

Watch, enjoy, and register for the CREW Network Marketplace and Convention!

Watch all the episodes of Saturday with Howard Kline and CRE Radio & TV.

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