Lunch with Duke Long

 29th April 2016    Jack Grossman
David Perlmutter with Duke Long, the Godfather of CRE Tech

David Perlmutter with Duke Long, the Godfather of CRE Tech

David and I recently met with Commercial Real Estate Tech Writer, Duke Long. Long has more 20 years experience as a broker for The Duke Long Agency, which is based out of Indiana. In May of 2010, Long created a blog, where he discusses the happenings in the current commercial real estate market. His ability to discuss current issues with candidness is refreshing in a field that is lacking straightforward opinions. Last year, Real Estate Tech News, declared Long to be one of the five most influential people in the real estate tech market. Long has presented his strong takes and predictions in front of many well known real estate firms and corporations including CBRE, JLL, Colliers International, The National Association of Realtors, The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), and CoreNet.

We were fortunate enough to have lunch with Duke, and discuss ways to improve our own QuantumListing app. Throughout the conversation we talked about ways to broaden our outreach, create a more user-friendly platform, and what our next step should be as we try and expand the brand. With Long’s national reputation outside of the Northeast and Tri-State area, Long can help connect us reach possible users in the Midwest. Although we are currently at 1,500 listing across 30+ states, the middle of the country tends to have less of a presence when compared to the hotbed real estate areas (Northeast, West Coast, Florida, etc.) As we increase the number of users and listings in our platform, it is crucial that our application and website are fully operational. Many of Long’s blogs review CRETech startups, where he shares countless anecdotes and tips, that act as a guideline for how a successful brand should operate. In a recent blog post from Long’s site, he shares that; “It’s the 1000% commitment of [one’s] actual human existence to that idea [startup], that will make it work or die.”

Although the CRETech market is notoriously known as a field lacking in technological tools and resources, there is an increasing amount of individuals who are trying to take advantage of this outdated system. When discussing technology and start-ups, there is a preconception that you must be based out of Silicon Valley, Japan, etc., in order to succeed. Yet, New York City – more specifically the Flat Iron District – is rapidly building a larger presence amongst other technologically progressive regions. The Flat Iron District or the “Silicon Alley” has surpassed $7.3 billion in venture capital investments to startups of all different backgrounds. Duke’s hope is that this will “drive that ecosystem”, and we will soon consider Manhattan to be a hub for technology start-ups of all kinds.

Please check out Duke Long’s blog here, to keep up-to-date with trending topics in the ever-changing CRE market. If you are interested in getting in touch with Long, you can email him at [email protected] or tweet him @dukelong.

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Featured Listings from Tom Palitzsch of Thom Realty Group in St. Charles, MO

 28th April 2016    David_Perlmutter
Tom Palitzsch of Thom Realty Group

Tom Palitzsch of Thom Realty Group

Tom Palitzsch founded Thomas Realty Group in St. Charles, MO in 2004. The company strives to provide a full range of highly personalized service. They have developed retail centers and commercial properties in the Midwest. They structure their services to fit the individual needs of each client and property.  Thomas Realty Group has expertise in retail, office, and industrial asset classes. They also provide investment and property management services. They currently manage over 800,000 square feet of commercial/retail space.

The following are some of Tom’s featured listings. Click on the listing to see the detail page.

For Lease – First Community Plaza, Sullivan, MO 

5,700 SF For Lease – 2104 N Baltimore St, Kirksville, MO

For Sale 2 Acre Commercial Property – 132 Pacific West Dr, Pacific, MO

Office Space For Lease, 8913-8915 Veterans Memorial Pkwy, O’Fallon, MO

1.75 Acres For Sale – 1125 Cave Springs Estates Dr. St Peters, MO 

For Sale/Lease – 4,247 SF Condo Unit 4 Office/Whse – Stag Industrial Park, Lake St Louis, MO

Retail Space Available – 2890 Hwy 94, St Charles, MO

1.27 Acres For Sale – Lake St Louis, MO 

55.78 Acres For Sale – 3250 Creve Coeur Mill Rd, St Louis, MO

Heart of Town Space For Lease – Moberly, MO

Retail SubLease- Des Peres Corners Shopping Center, Manchaster Rd & Ballad Rd, Des Peres, MO 

1 Acre For Sale – Adjoining Retail Center – Hwy 19, Montgomery City, MO

For best in class service in the greater St. Louis, MO and beyond, get in touch with Tom Palitzsch and Thomas Realty Group. Click here to email Tom or call him at 314-298-1234. Visit their website at to view all of their listings.

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Featured Listing: Seaway Business Park, Gulfport MS

 25th April 2016    Jack Grossman

7,200 SF space – Click here to view brochure

Today’s featured listing comes from the Seaway Business Park – which is a family owned and operated business ran by Steve Goldin – and his son Michael. Seaway Business Park is located in Gulfport, Mississippi, and is home to 130,000 square feet of commercial office/warehouse space. Among the many known tenants include: Sherwin-Williams, RJ Young, Siemens, Primerica, C Spire Wireless and Rotech Healthcare. In addition to the 29 acre site, Seaway Business Park is also the owner and operator of a 39 acre site on Seaway Road, which offers commercial buildings with the ability to provide dock height loading.

6,000 SF Office Building – Click here to view brochure

Seaway Business Park currently has four available spaces, which are 1,500 SF, 3,000 SF, 6,000SF, and 7,200 SF, respectively. This last space is a freestanding 7,200 square foot office building located just off I-10, on Cowan/Lorraine Road. The space is configured as an open area of up to 30+ cubicles and 10 private offices. Additionally, there is a large conference room with movable walls to fit smaller meetings. The space also has a sizable break area for the whole staff. Included amenities are as follows; on site management, custom design & built-to-suit options, security lighting and waste disposal service.

1,500 SF (Possible expansion available) – Click here to view brochure

The next largest office building is 6,000 SF and is comprised of multiple office suites that range from 600-6,000SF. This space allows the tenant to create a custom layout to suit their needs. This office building shares the same amenities as the larger office space, and is located just a few hundred feet away.  The next space is a 1,500 SF office/warehouse building, which can be expanded to 3,000 SF, if needed. Along with two private offices, the unit includes a 12’ by 12’ rollup door, which makes it easy to the tenant to receive and ship out their products. This space consists of an open areas for a showroom, reception and a conference room.

1,500 SF Office/Warehouse with Showroom – Click here to view brochure

The last available space is a 1,500 SF office/warehouse space, with a showroom. It consists of approximately 950 SF of office space with one private office and 550 SF of warehouse space with a 12’ by 12’ rollup door. This space allows for an expansion up to 3,000 SF.

Contact Steve Goldin at (228) 575-7731 for additional or to arrange a tour for the previously mentioned space.
Click here to learn more about the Seaway Business Park, and the many wonderful opportunities they offer.
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Introduction: My Favorite Start Up Hacks

 21st April 2016    David_Perlmutter

This is the introduction to a series of posts detailing my favorite start up hacks. As a self-funded commercial real estate technology start up, every dollar is especially precious, because each dollar is my own. Although I have not yet asked for outside money, from my experience in real estate development, I would take the fiduciary responsibility of investors money as seriously as if every dollar of my investors’ money were my own. The trick for me is to leverage my limited resources of time and money to the greatest extent possible. Any time I can learn something new or meet someone with more experience than I have, I try to take advantage of it. In the short time I have been at this, I have met so many people that have been generous with their time and advice. I’d like to pay it forward by sharing some of the things I have learned with people who are going through the same process that I am, or are thinking about it.

The first thing that needs to be shared is that coming up with an idea and creating the initial iteration is the easiest part of the process of being a start up, and believe me, that is not easy or cheap, especially if you don’t have the technical expertise to implement your concept by yourself. Once your brainchild is born, the real work begins. No matter how great your idea is, you need to find a way to share it and get others to buy into it. People are generally pretty happy with doing things the way they have been doing them. So, getting your prospective users to adopt new ways of doing things and make your solution a habit that is indispensable is a challenge beyond comprehension, unless you’ve already done it. I’ve read that there is a biological mechanism that makes women forget about the incredible pain of childbirth, and thanks to that, they are willing to have more than one child. There may be a similar economic mechanism involved with starting a new business.

This series of posts will explore different apps, websites, and especially people, from which I have benefited throughout this process. I hope you’ll follow along, and if you’ve been on a similar journey, hope you will comment or even post a comment or contact me to post your own article.

Social Media is super important to me as it is a very cost-effective and often free, way to market, meet thought leaders and start building relationships with prospective users of QuantumListing. The three social media platforms that I use the most are Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. As a long time member of LinkedIn, I have an established network on that platform. I opened the QuantumListing Twitter account late last summer and currently have about 3400 followers. I have used Facebook personally for several years and started a QuantumListing Facebook page last fall.

Since Jack, the QuantumListing paid intern is only here a couple of days a week, most of the social media management falls on me.  I don’t remember how I first learned about it, but Buffer has been incredibly helpful in making social media management much easier. Here’s a description from the Buffer website of how it works: “you can write a bunch of posts at one time, choose which social profiles to send them to, and then Buffer will spread them out throughout the day or week so that you don’t have to be at a computer all the time in order to have a social media presence. You can also attach a photo, video or animated GIF to any of your posts. Second, since we shorten your links for you, we are able to provide more analytics than if you just were to post to Twitter or Facebook directly.”

So, Buffer allows me to post to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from a single platform. There are several different membership levels, including free, but I’ve opted for one of the less expensive paid plans. With my plan, I can queue up to 100 posts at once, and schedule when I want them to be sent, and you don’t need to have the same schedule for each of the platforms. You can also have it scan the RSS feeds that interest you, and you can select posts from these feeds to post in your own social media stream. It has a plug in for Chrome, so you can post things to your Buffer stream directly from websites. Buffer has a lot of other great features, and I highly recommend that you give it a try and see if it is a good fit for you.

Next time, we’ll tell you about two more tools that we’ve found useful for getting the most out of social media.


2nd Annual DisruptCRE NYC Event

 15th April 2016    Jack Grossman

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 6.15.21 PMOn March 31st, David and I attended the 2nd Annual DisruptCRE NYC, at 28 Liberty Plaza (formerly known as One Chase Manhattan Plaza). For those who are unfamiliar with DisruptCRE, their goal is to “be a catalyst of change by merging the built environment with technological innovation. Our presenters explore how technology is facilitating the changes in the future of investing, developing, managing, leasing, buying, selling, & financing commercial properties.” DisruptCRE gives technology start ups a platform to network with attendees – comprised of architects, investors, PR & marketing firms, entrepreneurs, and others experienced minds within the industry. The 2nd Annual DisruptCRE NYC, was put together by DisruptCRE’s Co-Founder & CEO, Mariel Ebrahimi. Ebrahimi & Disrupt brought together a great group of panelists and exhibitors, and nearly doubled the size of the inaugural convention.

As part of the event, there are three separate panels that focused on: The “State of CREtech: The Executives POV”, “BuildingTech: Driving a New Tenant Experience”, and “Tech Tools: New Products & Services Transforming Today’s CRE Professional.” The panels included many innovative individuals, each of them having been a part of a successful technology start-up or currently working as creative strategists for well known organizations in the field.


Included among the 15 notable panelists:

Panel Discussion

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 11.09.09 AM

Hussain “Hoss” Ali-Khan, Director of Strategy – CBRE

Adam L. Stanley, Global CIO – Cushman & Wakefield

Jordan Nof, Head of Investments – Tusk Ventures

 In-between panelists, David and I spent the rest of our day speaking with other exhibitors and attendees. It was a unique opportunity to learn about other companies – each in different stages of their business. The schedule granted us some time to exchange anecdotes with other “Disruptors”, many of whom shared stories of the growing pains that you go through when building a tech start-up from the ground up. Although we learned a lot about other companies in the field, the event also allowed the “disruptors” to pitch their brand to possible investors and the aforementioned panelists.


Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 11.11.54 AMMany attendees were fascinated by the idea of our app, and we were able to receive constructive criticism from individuals who have built their own brands. After listening to a number of the attendees’ recommendations, we now have a clearer idea of what we must work on to ensure that QuantumListing is as user-friendly as possible. With CRE tech start-ups now growing at an exponential rate, it is exciting to be part of a movement in an industry that has been notoriously lacking technological tools and resources.

If you are interested in attending a Disrupt event – or want to learn more about DisruptCRE’s mission – check out their website here!

We would once again like to thank Mariel Ebrahimi for hosting us, and putting together such a wonderful day.



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