Twitter Poll: When Was the Last Time You Tried Any New Commercial Real Estate Technology?

 30th March 2016    David_Perlmutter

With DisruptCRE hitting New York on Thursday, we thought it was a good time to conduct a one question Twitter poll asking the question, “When was the last time you tried any new commercial real estate technology?”

Check out the poll:

There are a lot of exciting things happening in the world of real estate tech, from building systems technology to virtual reality. If you are in New York on Thursday afternoon, DisruptCRE is a great opportunity to acquaint yourself with what’s new. There’s a keynote address by WeWork’s Vice Chairman, Michael Gross, panel discussions, a Meet the Disruptors session, and over 30 exhibitors. There are quite a number of people on the program that I am really looking forward to meeting. Oh yeah, we’ll be there, so come on over and say hello! Give us your card and we’ll give you a year’s free trial Premium Membership to QuantumListing, plus one of our excellent screen wipes (you can never have too many of those!). See you Thursday.

UPDATE: April 5th, 2016 – Almost every time we run a poll, we get unexpected results, and this one is no exception. 58% of the respondents said that they had tried new commercial real estate technology within the last 3 months, 21% during 2015, with 11% saying the last time they tried something new in 2014 or before, and 10% never having tried any new CRE tech. Perhaps it is a testimony to the forward thinking nature of QuantumListing’s Twitter followers that the results skewed so high toward trying new tech. The flip side of looking at it, of course is if you were to get a 79 in high school, you’d be getting a C+.

There is such an incredible amount of new technology, both hardware and software in our business that there is pretty much something for everyone. Have a look at the roster of exhibitors and DisruptCRE or at The Intersect by CRE//Tech  If you still can’t figure it out for yourself, spend some time reading Duke Long, Real Estate Tech News or CRE.Tech. They’ll set you straight. I’m sure you can find something that will pique your interest, and probably contribute to your bottom line.

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David Perlmutter is the author of the QuantumListing Blog and publisher of the QuantumListing App. He is also the owner of Perlmutter Properties Inc. in White Plains, NY.

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Featured Listing: Hayden Plaza North, Phoenix, AZ

 29th March 2016    Jack Grossman
Click here for an aerial view of the site plan.

Click here for an aerial view of the site plan.

Today’s featured listing comes from KIMCO Realty Corp. – a real estate investment trust headquartered in New Hyde Park, N.Y., that is North America’s largest publicly traded owner and operator of open-air shopping centers. Hayden Plaza North – located at 12230 N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85022 – is a shopping center located just north of Phoenix, Mesa, and Scottsdale Arizona. Within the property, there are five available spaces, ranging from 1,489 SF – 15,000 SF. The  units include spaces of 1,489 SF, 1,935 SF, 2,205 SF, 9,586 SF, and 15,000 SF.

With 748 parking spaces, on 14 acres, this destination is a great place to open a business of any size. Within the plaza, the main anchor tenant is The Home Depot, while there is also an AutoZone that sits along Cave Creek Road. Each of the available units share the same building, and the existing tenants include T-Mobile, Great Clips, a nail salon, and Jazzercize (a dance based group fitness program).

Click here to view another aerial perspective.

If you are have any questions about the available spaces, or would like to learn more about the listing, please contact the Leasing Representative: Daniel Lupien at (480-874-7524) or the Property Manager: Nataki Wimbley at (480-874-7526). Also, be sure to check out Kimco Realty Corp’s website!


Click here to view brochure.

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Q and A with a New QuantumListing User

 22nd March 2016    David_Perlmutter

I recently met the director of marketing for a large developer/owner at the ICSC Connecticut Retail Connection a couple of weeks ago in Hartford. We talked about QuantumListing, and she was very interested in giving it a try. I offered to have all of the company’s listing PDFs added for her, which we ended up doing. All of the PDFs were available on the company website, so we were able to grab them from there.

When I notified her that we had completed the task, I got a follow up email with several questions. My responses are in italics.

Great!  Thanks David!   I just registered and the site looks great.  Just a few questions:

  1. How do we search another property as if we were a broker?  Looking for the competition! Go to the second tab at the bottom of the app, the icon is a magnifying glass. There are two ways to search. At the top of the search page, below the search box, you’ll see a map tab and a popular tab. If you tap the search box and type in the name of the city, hit search, then tap on the property name in the result, you’ll get a map view of what is available in the market. If, instead, you search via the popular tab, it will give you a list of the properties in that market. If you tap on a property in either the map or popular tabs, you’ll go to the property detail page. If you tap on the user’s name that posted the listing, you’ll get to see all of their listings.
  2. Can we get our lease plans up there too? In this version of the app, each time you add a listing, you can only add one image. On our product road map, in the future, you’ll be able to add more than one image. The only way to get a second image now would be to add your listing a second time.
  3. How do I go about filling in the additional information on the site with the details of each of our properties?  Go to fourth tab at the bottom of the app screen (looks like a silhouette in a circle with a gear at the top right side of it). Tap on the image, then go to the details section below the image (or the title) and add the additional information you want. When you are done, click update at the bottom of the page to save the info you added.
  4. How many users are on the app? Today, there are about 700 registered users. We are adding new users every day. Additionally, non-registered users can view the listings on our website, As of today, the only way to search is by using the map. We’re working on a criteria based search function. Additionally, we want users to be able to add listings via the website in the future.

Many of your questions can be answered by going to the how it works page: or if you are more visually oriented, try our short video demos by going here:

Please send me any other questions, suggestions or issues you have!




March Madness Viewing Technology Poll: Surprising Early Results

 18th March 2016    

We started a Twitter poll yesterday which will run through the end of business on the West Coast today, and the early results are quite surprising. The question we asked is, “How do you watch March Madness on the job?” Let’s face it, it’s a given that our country is obsessed with March Madness. Young and old, male and female, people spend a lot of time obsessing about their brackets. Here’s the poll, you can click on it and take it, but may need a Twitter account to vote.


The early results show 41% of respondents watching March Madness on their smartphone while on the job. While that would be my own last choice for how to watch the tournament, one can understand why that is so far the most popular answer. Not everyone has access to a TV at work, watching on the computer might be too obvious a shirking of work responsibilities, and almost everyone has a smartphone with them at all times. My teenage kids are very comfortable consuming all kinds of media on their smartphones. So the issue of following the action on a smallish screen that my 53 year old brain and eyes have is not one necessarily shared by younger generations.

As an app developer whose content is largely visual, I am definitely gratified that smartphones are leading the results. Tasks that are now mostly performed on computers and larger screens, are being shifted to mobile devices. The more types of content that people become comfortable with on their smartphones, the better off apps like QuantumListing will be in the long run.

***UPDATE 3-19-16***

Incredibly, the final result was 44% on smartphones, 35% on TV, 12% on computers, 9% on tablets. We had one write in vote for Buffalo Wild Wings, and one for RoKu. How media is consumed has been turned on its ear, or maybe its eyeball. Content providers, take note. It’s a small sample and perhaps skewed by the fact that it was done on Twitter, but this is one genie that will not be put back in the bottle.

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David Perlmutter is the author of the QuantumListing Blog and publisher of the QuantumListing App. He is also the owner of Perlmutter Properties Inc. in White Plains, NY.

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Featured Listing: 91 Park Lane Road, New Milford, CT

 17th March 2016    Jack Grossman

Click here to view the Market Feasibility Plan

Today’s Featured Listing comes from David Perlmutter and Alan Zuckerman of Perlmutter Properties, a commercial real estate group based in White Plains, New York. 91 Park Lane Road, is their newest listing, and it is located in New Milford, Connecticut. It is an undeveloped piece of land that is available for sale or lease. The plot of land is an excellent opportunity for a retail business, as it located at the intersection of Route 202 (Park Lane Rd.) and Route 109 (Chestnut Land Rd.). Those familiar with the region may recognize that Route 202 is the main commuter corridor for towns (New Milford, Torrington, and Kent) just north of Danbury, Connecticut.

Click here to view the Property Features

With 16,100 cars passing per day – and 362.5 feet or street frontage – your business will be highly visible to frequent commuters. The undeveloped plot of land sits atop 2.73 acres, and the buyer will be able to build up to 25,000 ft of space. Although the space is open to any retail business, the zone uses allow this to be a perfect destination for banks, professional office space, and even medical office space, due to its proximity to New Milford Hospital.

If you are interested in learning more about the listing you can contact David Perlmutter (914-686-8900) or Alan Zuckerman (914-607-4902).

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Click here to view the brochure.

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