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Journey to the Future Part 1

 29th September 2015    David_Perlmutter

rpgIt’s May of 1986. I pull into the parking lot of 45 Knollwood Road in Elmsford, NY in my S10 Chevy Blazer for my first day of work at N. Peter Burton, Westchester County, Inc.  I’m guessing Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love was on the radio. You couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing that in May of 1986.

I hop out of the car, dressed head to toe in Brooks Brothers or Paul Stuart. I’m 23 and heading into the office for my first day as an independent contractor, as a New York State Licensed Real Estate Agent. I walk into the office, and Pat is sitting behind her IBM Selectric at the reception desk. Phone console to her right, pack of Virginia Slims and a brimming ashtray to her left.  Rich Leroy comes out to greet me.  He had recruited me via my cousin Susan’s friend Helene’s brother Larry, one of Rich’s buddies. That’s how you got jobs in real estate then.

Rich introduces me to the guys in the office. There’s Jimmy Casey. He’s smoking a Newport, wearing suspenders, and completely looks the part of the ex-cop that he is. Then, I’m introduced to Judy Chu. She’s got two young kids, a husband, and great contacts throughout the Asian community. Like Rich, they both have their own office.

Then we walk into a bigger office with three desks. This, I am told, is the bullpen, where I’ll be working. Bruce Jackowitz is working a Marlboro Light and the telephone at the desk over by the window. Bruce has an evening job as a waiter, and is also pursuing his dream as an artist.  He’s got some big bound book open in front of him. Later, I learn that’s the Cole’s Directory, the phone canvasser’s best friend. It’s a reverse phone directory. Open it to an address, find the building’s Tenants and their phone numbers.

Then we go to the office in the back. It’s big. It has two desks, a conference table, easels with renderings and rolls of blueprints all over the place.  Stacks of paper are everywhere. I am introduced to Steve Ifshin, the N. in N. Peter Burton. He is the Boss. Then I meet Alicea Santella, his wife, also a broker in the office, and his partner in some new residential developments. Steve’s big break, I am told, was when he was a broker for Harry Macklowe.  He brought Panasonic to the Meadowlands, and that was a gift that kept on giving. Ultimately, he teamed up with two other guys, Alan Weisman and Michael Lichtenstein to form N. Peter Burton. The company name came from their middle names.  They felt it had a nice WASP-y ring to it.  When I started they had a New Jersey office, one in Manhattan, and the third in Westchester.

Rich showed me the information tools of the trade. In addition to the Cole’s Directory, we had Black’s Guide, which contained information on most of the office buildings in the Westchester and Fairfield County markets. It has the owners, their agents, space available and amenities. Black’s Guide also had great information on typical build out expenses for tenants, as well as building operating expenses. For the non-A, B, or C buildings, we had these giant directories that had all of the properties and their true owners’ name and address in it.

N. Peter Burton had exclusives on a few buildings, and we would use those as the hook when we cold called or foot canvassed. The thrill of someone being interested after scores of rejections and hang ups still doesn’t get old. The nerve rattling excitement of getting kicked out of a building the first time when I accidentally foot canvassed the owner was an adrenaline rush I still haven’t forgotten, even though it was close to thirty years ago.

To Be Continued… While you’re waiting, be sure to download QuantumListing.

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It’s closer to the truth to say you can’t get enough
You know you’re gonna have to face it, you’re addicted to … deals

-with apologies to Robert Palmer

A Step-by-Step Visual Guide to Adding Listings to QuantumListing

 28th September 2015    David

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to add listings to QuantumListing:

Step 1: Tap the Camera icon

Step 2: Add a title by tapping the word Title and entering a name for your listing

Step 3: Add the location by tapping on the globe and typing the address

Step 4: Tap the Asset Type box and choose from the drop down menu. Then tap Lease or Sale and make that selection. Then add the price or rent per square foot. Price/Rent information is optional.

Step 5: Tap on Upload Photo or PDF and select Camera to take a picture, Album to choose one that is already on your phone, or PDF to select a PDF (see below on how to get a PDF into the app).

Step 5a: Adding a PDF to QuantumListing

Step 5b: Adding a PDF from an Email

Step 5c: Adding a PDF from a Website

Step 5d: Adding a PDF from Dropbox

Step 5e: Adding a PDF from Other Apps

Step 6a: Tap each box to add listing details. These items are optoinal but help when others are searching

Step 6b: Add additional property details and comments. If yo don’t tap on Date Available, it will use today’s date.

Step 7: Hit the Submit button at the top right to upload your listing. You’ll get a message when the listing has been successfully submitted.


If you need to change any of the listing information, you can edit by going to Your Listings tab (the circle with the silhouette of one person with a gear to the top right) and tap on the listing image. Tap on the information you need to update, then scroll to the bottom and hit update. However, if you need to change the location, you’ll have to delete the listing by tapping on the three dots to the right of your name. If you have already tapped on the image and opened the property details page, you’ll need to tap on the left facing arrow at the top of the page to go back, then tap on the three dots.
If you have questions, contact us at [email protected]
Thanks to summer interns Jack Baron and Billy Perlmutter for their work on this!

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10 Things I’ve Learned

 25th September 2015    David_Perlmutter
  1. Not everyone has an iPhone. There are a heck of a lot of people with Android phones, and even some Blackberry and Windows phone users.
  2. People would rather spend money on new hardware than get new software for free (I would rather buy a Tesla than do a demo of Salesforce).
  3. Nobody tries anything new on Friday (Feel free to prove me wrong: Download QuantumListing).
  4. Product_of_inertiaInertia is as powerful a force in the real estate tech ecosystem as it is in the rest of the world. However, external forces can act on real estate tech inertia just as effectively as in the rest of the physical world.
  5. As much as real estate professionals complain about the information service market leader, it will take time and effort to convince them that they can be part of a new solution.
  6. People in the real estate tech business treat each other more as colleagues than competitors, even if they are mining the same vein. This is a good thing.
  7. Media coverage of real estate tech coverage is either increasing, or I’m just becoming more aware of it. I’m finding that The News Funnel has become part of my daily routine.
  8. As Millennials move up the corporate ladder, they are becoming more influential in the decision making process, and more likely to champion technological change.
  9. Attendance at real estate tech conferences is growing. I’ll be attending The Intersect by CRE//Tech in New York on October 22 and making my exhibitor debut at DisruptCRE in Boston on October 29th. How long will be it be before there is a unified real estate tech industry association?
  10. Duke Long is everywhere, is amusing, passionate about real estate tech, and likes brown liquor.

You can download QuantumListing by clicking here.

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Beautiful Weekend, Bad Haircut – Life’s Like That

 21st September 2015    David_Perlmutter

Bad haircut, what bad haircut?

The weather here in Westchester County has been beautiful, cool in the morning and evenings, warm and cloudless during the day. Yesterday, I went to the Pleasantville Barbershop to get my hair cut and beard trimmed. Yes, it is open on Sunday. Usually my wife Sara performs these services for me; there’s not much hair on top, and she enjoys the sculptural activity of trimming the beard. Last time I went to the barber, the old guy did a great job. This time, he did the opposite of what I wanted. I asked for my hair to be short, leave the beard long, and blend it where they meet. That’s how it started, not how it ended. Oh well. Hair grows back. There was a lot of comedy (and probably a few posts to Instagram – see photo above) generated by my kids when I got back home, and I’m happy to share the details, but that’s not the point of this post.

Rolling out QuantumListing is like this beautiful weekend with a bad haircut. I’ve had a lot of really nice interchanges with people I have not met in person yet, such as Dave from New Dirt, Linda Day Harrison at The Broker List, Michael Beckerman at The News Funnel, Mariel Ebrahimi at DisruptCRE, and Duke Long from the Duke Long Agency and DukeLong.com to name just a few. They have freely offered encouragement and good advice. One of the highlights of my weekend was an email from Mariel telling me she overheard a discussion at DisruptCRE Miami in which people were talking about listing platforms and someone mentioned QuantumListing. That was the first independent sighting of which I’ve gotten a report!

Most of the time, though I feel like I am shouting into a well. I make cold calls, send cold emails, send email blasts, blog, tweet, post to Facebook, etc. There’s just enough response to keep me going. Fortunately, with 29 years experience in real estate, I am equipped for this. I remember that first year at N. Peter Burton, Westchester Co. I made lots of cold calls and did plenty of foot canvassing. I still remember the excitement of getting a positive response from my first customer. When I learned that it was a division of Texaco, that added another thrill, undiminished by the fact that it was only a 1350 square foot deal.

So, people are downloading the QuantumListing app and registering. We’re giving Premium Memberships away in the hope that they will start loading listings. It’s happening, but it feels like it is happening in slow motion, like waking up each beautiful morning to see your hair growing back after a bad haircut.

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Weekend Special: We’ll Do Everything For You

 19th September 2015    David_Perlmutter

Ok, we won’t paint your house, cut the grass, or wash your windows. But we will register an account for you, upgrade you to Premium QuantumListing-TNF(1)Membership, and if you send us your commercial real estate PDFs, we’ll input them to QuantumListing. What is QuantumListing, you ask? It’s our new app for commercial real estate listings. We provide the platform, you provide the listings.

When we’re done, we’ll email your account username and password, then all you have to do is download the app, log in to your account and wait for those phone calls and e mails to start coming!

So, send those PDFs to [email protected], and we’ll do the rest.

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QuantumListing is the new crowd-sourced real estate listing platform for commercial real estate agents, owner and tenants