by Julia Perlmutter

19 Tools to Generate CRE Leads Online with Andrew Bermudez, Part 2

In Part 1 of this two-part series, 19 Tools to Generate CRE Leads Online, we already covered two tools provided by Mailchimp, one that finds your best prospects and the other that helps you engage those leads. We continue with another tool provided by Mailchimp.


Mailchimp Landing Pages

“Of all the people you sent that email to, you will see who is serious”

A third Mailchimp feature called Landing Pages allows you to use a lead capture form to collect contact information from highly active users. If you send out a downloadable link (e.g. property brochure, market report, sample letter of intent), you can require that all users input their contact information in order to obtain the file. You may lose some people, but don’t fret. Those who make it are valuable (remember, quality over quantity). Be sure to call these people who are showing an extra effort. 



“It’s like spying... without the negative connotation of spying”

With DocSend, you can share an individual file via a link so that viewers must enter their email addresses in order to access the document. DocSend then measures how long they spend on the document, even drilling down to the exact pages viewed. Once you get these emails, you can upload them into any CRM or email service (Salesforce, MailChimp, etc.) Also, if they forward it to someone else, you will capture the recipient of the email!

“How do we find I have to hire an assistant?”

As mentioned, email has a 4,400% ROI (every dollar you spend yields $44). You don’t want to miss a prospect just because you can’t find their correct email address. This application easily finds email addresses without the extra research or money spent on an assistant.



“Within five minutes, you can have an entire newsletter built”

Many of us simply don’t have the bandwidth to put together a newsletter blast. Revue lets you access your favorite news articles using a tool called Pocket, which is a simple browser extension (also compatible on iOS and Android). Then, Revue provides templates for you to where you can place these saved news stories and then blast to your whole mailing list. 



“Yelp is not only for restaurants”

Not everyone realizes that Yelp includes all sorts of businesses in addition to the food & beverage industry. If a business has a high rating, they are probably looking to expand. Yelp (I need somebody)! Be that somebody and reach out. 



“Usually you can see where in the world they are”

Quora is a Question and Answer website. By searching CRE related keywords, you can find real estate questions that are posted. Normally, you can see where they are located. Use these questions to gain prospects in your area of interest, then try to get a meeting. 



“Lets you listen to what’s happening on Twitter”

TweetDeck is a free social listening tool that can help you find people actively looking for space. It helps you listen for keywords so that you can then reach out. For example, if you search “looking for warehouse space,” it shows you users who have tweeted those keywords. You can then connect with them. 


Google Alerts

“Monitors the web in real time”

Using Google Alerts, you can close more deals by picking what news stories you want to be notified about. All you have to do is enter the keywords you suspect will signal prospects; for example, type “relocating headquarters” and then set an ongoing alert. Because Google Alerts monitors in real time, it notifies you immediately about every article relevant to headquarters relocation. As a result, you will be ahead of anyone doing a manual search. 


Digsy AI Lead Services

53% of people research a person or service provider online”

Last but not least, both Digsy AI and QuantumListing have their own lead capture services. Our founder has used Digsy in his own brokerage and even closed a deal with it. “This actually really really works,” David said about Digsy AI during the webinar last month. 

Digsy, which is a lead generation company, has multiple lead tools. The first one,, allows you to create a free lead capture link that can pop up on your broker profile or even sit as a link on your LinkedIn profile. The form, which has no branding, captures relevant contact details and space needs from a prospect and then sends the information to you in an email as soon as it is gathered. 

The second tool,, is a tenant rep lead service. It is completely free for both tenants or buyers searching for spaces as well as brokers or landlords listing those spaces. Throughout the search journey, Digsy prompts tenants and users to a series of questions to help them save time during their search. Then, it sends their relevant needs and contact information over to you. It comes with a built-in lead management software as well. In one month, Digsy had almost 600 leads sent to brokers and 30,000 people using the website to find space. 


QuantumListing Lead Capture Services

A missed lead is a lost opportunity.

With QuantumListing’s Lead Capture feature, a pop-up will appear fifteen seconds after someone clicks on one of your listings. Viewers will be asked to submit their space needs and contact information so that you can reach them. You will then get an email notification saying that there is a lead waiting for you, as well as a weekly update if you have unread leads.

If you subscribe to Lead Capture, there will be a button on your profile page asking, “Looking for a property?” Visitors can click this to get your help with their search, which is great for tenant reps who don’t have listings.

When you sign up for Lead Capture, you will be asked for a geographic region for which you will receive leads. When someone fills out the lead form on the QuantumListing main landing page, those leads will be distributed on a rotating basis to Lead Capture subscribers covering the same geographic area.

To read more about QuantumListing’s new lead capture service, click here


Tried any good lead gen tools?

Comment below if you have tried any of these lead generation tools or if you have a different one you would like to share!

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