by David Perlmutter

10 Things I've Learned


  1. Not everyone has an iPhone. There are a heck of a lot of people with Android phones, and even some Blackberry and Windows phone users.

  2. People would rather spend money on new hardware than get new software for free (I would rather buy a Tesla than do a demo of Salesforce).

  3. Nobody tries anything new on Friday (Feel free to prove me wrong: Download QuantumListing).

  4. Inertia is as powerful a force in the real estate tech ecosystem as it is in the rest of the world. However, external forces can act on real estate tech inertia just as effectively as in the rest of the physical world.

  5. As much as real estate professionals complain about the information service market leader, it will take time and effort to convince them that they can be part of a new solution.

  6. People in the real estate tech business treat each other more as colleagues than competitors, even if they are mining the same vein. This is a good thing.

  7. Media coverage of real estate tech coverage is either increasing, or I'm just becoming more aware of it. I'm finding that The News Funnel has become part of my daily routine.

  8. As Millennials move up the corporate ladder, they are becoming more influential in the decision making process, and more likely to champion technological change.

  9. Attendance at real estate tech conferences is growing. I'll be attending The Intersect by CRE//Tech in New York on October 22 and making my exhibitor debut at DisruptCRE in Boston on October 29th. How long will be it be before there is a unified real estate tech industry association?

  10. Duke Long is everywhere, is amusing, passionate about real estate tech, and likes brown liquor.

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