by David Perlmutter

10 QuantumListing Tips for Buildout Users

When you syndicate your commercial real estate listings from Buildout to QuantumListing, you will find that it is fast and easy. As you add listings or update them on Buildout, they get updated instantaneously on QuantumListing. Promoting commercial real estate listings on multiple platforms like ours should be an important part of real estate professionals’ online marketing strategy. The following tips will help familiarize you with our features.


1. Enhance your profile with a profile picture, bio, and your business social media links, particularly LinkedIn. When you add a profile picture and your premium membership is active, your picture appears at the top of your listing in searches. Anecdotal evidence supports our belief that listings with a profile picture get more clicks. 

If you have spent time and effort on social networking, leverage that by adding those accounts here. Add a link to your page on your company website. About 20% of Google searches leading visitors to QuantumListing are searches on agent names that bring them directly to that member’s profile page. 

When your target people land on your profile page you want them to see the most complete picture of you possible. It makes you more human and trustworthy, increasing the likelihood that you’ll connect with a possible customer. Although we can’t control Google search results, it is our understanding that fully developed profiles are more likely to rank higher in searches. 


2. Schedule a Demo with us as soon as possible after joining, by clicking the button at the top of each webpage on QuantumListing. This will help you learn about our features and get the most out of your membership.


3. Login and confirm that the listing pictures have been sent from Buildout with the rest of your listing information. If they have not, go back to Buildout and check the boxes next to the pictures to syndicate them. 

The more pictures your listing has, the better it looks, as long as they are high quality pictures. Dark and blurry pictures do not help. Good pictures will help you capture your customer’s interest and sell or lease your listing.


4. Check your Analytics so you can see how your QuantumListing account is performing.  Click on the Info section of the left hand side bar menu and then select Analytics to see how you and your listings are doing. There’s a lot of great information here, so be sure to make it a habit to check your Analytics every week or so. Remember Peter Drucker’s quote, “What gets measured gets managed.” 


5. Use our on demand advertising options. Drucker is also quoted as saying, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” If you want to ensure that your listings get more views, you’ll want to explore our Promoted Listing feature, which will bring your listing to the top of relevant searches on QuantumListing. 

If you want to reach your customers where they are surfing on the internet, you’ll want to use QuantumListing to promote your listings on the Google Adwords Display Network. This creates image ads that show when internet users are searching in the market you specify. 

Subscribing to QuantumListing Brand Promotion can help establish you as a leading professional in your market by building your brand equity. Your marketing message will show at the top of relevant searches on our site. These three features are great to have in your online marketing toolbox.


6. Visit your QuantumListing Network. You access it from the menu on the left hand side of your profile page. Within 48 hours of joining QuantumListing, we assign you to at least one statewide network, along with other networks based on where your listings or you are located. 

You can request to join more networks, too. From the Network menu, you’ll be able to see the newest listings in your market and connect with your colleagues.


7. Visit your Group. Like with Networks, we assign you to a statewide wants group. You can see who has a requirement for which they are looking for input from their colleagues. 

When you click on the Group link in the left hand sidebar menu on your profile page, you can see your fellow members and their listings, too. You can also send group chat messages and peer to peer messages. 


8. Follow other QuantumListing members. When you visit the profile of any of our members, you’ll notice a green Follow button underneath their name. If this is someone who is relevant to you, be sure to follow them, so you’ll have quick and easy access to them and their listings from the Social section on the left hand side bar menu on your profile page. 


9. Participate in our webinars and marketing sessions. Almost every Wednesday at 3:00 pm ET, we have a webinar on areas of interest to the commercial real estate industry. Webinar topics have included social media, marketing, tips on how to find online leads , workplace bullying prevention , and so much more. 

Our Haves and Wants 2.0 Marketing Sessions focus on a single asset class each time we have them, and are a great opportunity for you to promote your listings to a national audience. If you sign up for a webinar or marketing session and can’t make, we’ll send you the replay.


10. Refer your colleagues and get rewarded for it. QuantumListing is strengthened by the network effect; visitors come to QuantumListing because they know they can find you and your listings here. The more visitors we have, the more people will join and post their listings, resulting in more visits. 

This virtuous circle is what has helped us grow as quickly as we have. Just for referring your colleagues, we’ll give you an additional month of membership, and for each one of your referrals that joins, we’ll add another two months!


Even if you are not a Buildout user, we hope that you will find these tips helpful. Do you have a favorite QuantumListing tip that you would like to share? Tell us in the comments!