by Julia Perlmutter

10 Facts about Our Listings on QuantumListing

The first question that people ask us about QuantumListing is frequently about the makeup of the listings on our site. People wonder, are all of our listings commercial listings? Others ask where our listings are located geographically. Many others inquire about whether we list properties that are for sale or for lease. The short answer is that QuantumListing has listings all over the country with a wide variety of listing types. In order to delve deeper into these common questions, we present to you 10 facts about the listings on QuantumListing!

  1. QuantumListing is a nationwide commercial real estate listing site which means we have listings in all regions across the country as well as a few other countries. In fact, we even have listings in 49 out of the 50 states - we are ready for you, Vermont!
  2. Our members list properties both for sale and for lease, and the split is about half and half, with approximately 52% of our properties being for sale and about 48% of our properties for lease. 
  3. Among these for sale and for lease properties, there is a wide range of asset type options to choose from when adding a listing. These include Office, Retail, Industrial, Multifamily, Medical, Land, Entertainment, Specialty, Hospitality, Mixed-use, Residential, Investment, Coworking, Restaurant, Pad Site, Flex, Student Housing, Cannabis Approved, Agriculture, Business for Sale, Car Wash, and Condo.
  4. Not only can you list your commercial properties for sale and for lease, but you can also list your “Wants.” When you create a Want, it shows up on our main search page with all of our other listings.
  5. With the rise of flexible work styles that started before the pandemic and has grown during this transitional period for office life, we have over 1,500 listings from coworking companies and we expect this list to grow. Currently, these companies include IWG, FlexibleHub, and OnePiece Work.
  6. QuantumListing enjoys many listing syndication partnerships with an array of companies including Buildout, CRE Collaborative, Leavitt Digital, RealNex, and SharpLaunch
  7. When you are browsing listings, you may see some listings or even an advertisement with a green box around them. These are due to members taking advantage of the On Demand Marketing Center including our Listing Promotion and Brand Promotion features. You can also use the Google Display Network to advertise your listings and get even more exposure.
  8. Members can create Listing Reports where they select listings of their choosing and can then send this report out via email, social media, or even create an iFrame with a snippet of code that can sit on your website or blog.
  9. In order to add listings, it only costs $89.99 per agent per year for unlimited listings. To get started, register for an account and select either Individual or Enterprise. 

Fun Fact: If you register as a Basic user, you can still add your Wants!

  1. Once you are registered as a Premium Member, adding listings is extremely simple and can be done from the submenu on the left side of your profile page by selecting Listings and then clicking the Green plus button. While it is intuitive, our team is only a call or email away to provide assistance.  If you really want to get to know QuantumListing, we strongly encourage you to schedule a demo!


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