by QuantumListing Team

10 "Did You Know" Facts About QuantumListing

Whether you are new to QuantumListing or a long time member, we want to make sure you know all the fun facts about our commercial real estate listing site that makes us unique and worth your time.

1. Did you know QuantumListing has commercial real estate listings in all 50 states? 

We are a nationwide listing site and have tens of thousands of listings of all asset and trade types across the entire country and even beyond the U.S. into neighboring countries. 

2. Did you know QuantumListing members can use our email blast tool to send out listings to their proprietary list of contacts? 

While some people may already use an email marketing tool, keep in mind that with the click of a few buttons, you can use our formatted listing email blast tool to send out your listing to your contact base. Just add a subject line and a brief message.

3. Did you know that premium members get a complimentary email blast? 

We want your listings to get in front of as many eyes as possible which is why we give our premium members a free email blast for a listing of their choice that we will send out to our state networks and marketing lists. This is a great way to get your listings seen by new audiences that you aren’t already targeting. 

4. Did you know that there is no paywall or registration required for visitors to view your listings and get in contact with you?

Some websites limit the details or contact information on listing pages, requiring visitors to register and sign up. This can slow down the process for leads and stop some people from connecting with you. We prefer visitors to have the freedom to choose and most importantly that they are able to get in touch with you as soon as possible. This makes the process for getting leads seamless and avoids lost prospects who don’t want to sign up. 

5. Did you know that we have an on-demand marketing center that gives your listings the exposure they deserve?

One of the main points that differentiate us from other listing services is the vast range of features and affordability within our marketing options. From listing promotion to brand promotion and online advertisement, there are plenty of ways to get additional exposure on your listings for a fraction of the cost of other listing sites and plenty of flexibility (goodbye monthly subscriptions, hello a la carte advertising). 

6. Did you know that QuantumListing partners with other commercial real estate technology companies? 

We believe this industry is collegial as much as it is competitive which is why we’ve worked extensively with other industry leaders to partner with for syndications, webinars, blog posts, and additional features on listings. There is no way we would be where we are today without working together with other commercial real estate companies and thought leaders.

7. Did you know that every member is assigned to a group based on their geographic area?

There is a “haves and wants” group for every state that allows for members to look at listings within their state and communicate with other members to express what listings they have available and what types of listings they are looking for. 

8. Did you know that you can post your wants?

Even if you don’t have listings yourself, you can still post what you are looking for. QuantumListing is a double-sided marketplace where buyers and sellers come together to get deals done. Once you post your want, you can even promote it, share it to social media, or even e-blast it.

9. Did you know there are social features on QuantumListing?

Just like other social media platforms, you can follow other members. Once you follow a member, their listings will show up in your stream. You can also send them chat messages to start networking or express interest in listings.

10. Last but not least, did you know QuantumListing is only $89.99 per year for unlimited listings?

Even better, you get the first 30 days free and can cancel anytime before that. Between the exposure, the community, the price, and features, signing up for QuantumListing is a no brainer!