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UPDATE: Other Than Social Media, How Often Do You Use Apps For Business?

I was on a conference call on June 27th with Linda Day Harrison from The Broker List, Howard Kline from CRE Radio & TV, Kateri Osborne from The News Funnel and CRE//Tech, and Zach Watkins from RealMassive. Linda asked me the question, why did I decide to pivot QuantumListing away from being an app only to being an app and website. My answer was that most people don't want to do data entry on their phone.  Additionally, the youngest Millennials are native phone users, but, they are not necessarily in the position of influence in their work environment yet, and can't necessarily ... Read more
Skate to Where the Puck is Going to Be

#LetsGetSmart – Skate to Where the Puck is Going to Be

John Sherry, Director of Client Services at AMP Technologies, a cloud-based real estate asset management platform based out of San Ramon, California, focused his talk on how mobile applications, more commonly referred to as “apps,” are transforming retail.John is a colleague of Craig Wood , who also spoke at #LetsGetSmart. John began his talk with a quote from the great hockey player, Wayne Gretzky. Gretzky once said of his strategy on the ice, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” John said that for retail, this quote encompasses the idea that apps need to ... Read more

Subscribe for a Year of QuantumListing Enterprise Premium Membership, Get White Glove Set Up

Starting today and for a limited time, new QuantumListing Members that subscribe for a year of Quantum Enterprise Premium Membership will get white glove set up. You also get 15 months of Premium Membership for the price of 12! The QuantumListing Enterprise membership is a great solution for a brokerage office with multiple agents. With a single login, a marketing director can add, edit and delete all of the office's agents and listings. Click HERE for a look at all of the features included with Premium Membership. Follow the simple steps below to take advantage of this offer. If you have any questions, ... Read more
Data Must Drive Customer Engagement

#LetsGetSmart – Data Must Drive Customer Engagement

Craig Wood, Vice President for the Western Region for AMP Technologies focused his talk at #LetsGetSmart on using digital technology to improve the retail sector.  AMP Technologies,  is a cloud-based real estate asset management platform based out of San Ramon, California. Craig has been working on the technology side of retail for nearly twenty years. Before joining AMP, he worked with AT&T on the partner side of the business helping early stage companies. Craig began his talk by discussing the idea that although many people have recently made claims about the decline of physical retail, it is by no means ... Read more
Smart Signs for Changing Times

#LetsGetSmart – Smart Signs for Changing Times

Mike McClure, senior account executive and image consultant for Ad Art Sign Company, was one of the inspirations for the #LetsGetSmart17 speaker series, according to host David Perlmutter. Mike is someone who enjoys not only talking about his craft, but also hearing about others' insights into businesses and the future. Ad Art Sign Company is an award-winning national sign company that is primarily based out of California, Nevada, and Texas. Mike started in the sign business as an apprentice sign installer more than thirty years ago. Mike began his talk by discussing broadly how important it is for companies today to constantly ... Read more
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