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QuantumListing is the new crowd-sourced real estate listing
platform for commercial real estate agents, owners, and tenants
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Real Estate Tech News
QuantumListing is making it much easier for real estate professionals to generate the quality leads they need to enhance productivity.
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Duke Long
Search for free. Post for less. Share everywhere. Decades of commercial real estate experience. What is the right way to feature properties in a mobile environment? We all talk about data. What are you possibly missing?
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Howard F. Kline -
It doesn't create extra work for the user since it uses the data and material that the user has already created. It is really easy to send your listings to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, straight from the app.
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QuantumListing provides access to listings when you're out on the road – and sufficient technological evolution to satisfy that need in a cost effective manner.
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I was looking for another way to get my listing information out there.
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QuantumListing provides web-based, IOS and Android apps for real estate brokers and owners who want a simple way to add, search, manage, and drive leads from listings.
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Tony vanderBeek
Looking for space? @QuantumListing is a great resource.
Get Your Team Together!

We are happy to announce our new working environment for multi-office brokerage companies and commercial real estate broker networks.

Our Network Dashboard enables management over all network members and listings, communication within the network, and network analytics.

Contact us for more details