My new Chevy Bolt EV

I’m Charged Up

EVs, Plug-In Hybrids, and Commercial Real Estate I'm charged up. Got a Bolt. No, I'm not saying I am going somewhere. That would have been "Gotta bolt" or "Got to bolt." Do people even say that anymore? No, what I mean is that I just got a Chevrolet Bolt EV a week ago. I'd been driving a Toyota Prius for ten years, and it is a terrific car. It has 190,000 miles on it and has no signs of dropping dead anytime soon. We swapped out our Suburban which was coming to the end of its lease because we only have ... Read more


I visited my friend Jamie Schwartz from GHP Office Realty in his office today. In addition to being a great guy, he's a terrific broker and real estate attorney. Jamie was one of the first people to sign up for QuantumListing. My visit reminded him that he needed to add a couple of listings and delete one that was no longer available. When he was looking at his Profile, he was a little bummed because he didn't have any followers. I told him I would follow him when I got back to my office, which I did. To follow another user, just click on ... Read more
CRE Podcasts

Introducing the CRE Podcasts Directory

According to the Microfocus blog, more than four million hours of video is posted to YouTube each day. There are billions of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter posts every day. There are more than six billion Google searches every day, too. There are at least 250,000 podcasts out there. Marketing expert Mark Schaeffer writes often about "content shock," the phenomenon where content creation vastly exceeds our capacity to consume it. He contends that the only way to get someone to consume your content is to actually pay for them to do it. To get your content noticed, you'll need to ... Read more

Summertime, and the Listin’ Is Easy

Summertime, and the listin' is easy,* or really just easier, but that doesn't scan as well. I'll explain. When you sign up for a free trial individual user Premium Membership to QuantumListing, we'll add your first listing for you.  And we are happy to add more, but we want you to have a little skin in the game, too, and really it is just a little. Right now, you are saying, huh? Have a look at the chart below.           Let's say you have twelve listings, and you want us to add them for you. First, you register for ... Read more
Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, QuantumListing

Happy anniversary, QuantumListing. I can't believe it has been two years since the QuantumListing iOS app launched on the iTunes store. At the time, I issued a press release. In it, I am quoted as saying, “This app resulted from a need I perceived in the real estate market – access to listings when I’m out on the road – and sufficient technological evolution to satisfy that need in a cost effective manner. When I started as a real estate salesperson in the mid 1980’s, the fax machine was an expensive novelty, which then evolved into a inexpensive commodity. I was ... Read more
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